2013-01-16 / Letters

Flower Children Take Note: The World Is Full Of Evil

To The Editor:

Regarding Paul Politis’s contribution to the gun control dialogue (Letters to the Editor, January 10), my first thought was not to dignify it with a response. But, in mulling it around for a spell, I thought maybe my reaction was nothing more than one of the covers we on this side of the fence have been using for far too long, in order to avoid the controversy. We have been hesitant to stand up and say what we think for fear of upsetting a flower child who thoroughly believes in and promotes the unrealistic.

In his strangely rambling diatribe, Politis asks, “is this the kind of country we want?” The answer, of course, is no. But, this is the world we have. We deal with it by first accepting the realities and one of those is that the world is full of evil. Quite simply, we can either defend ourselves against it, fight it or be destroyed by it. In reality, there are no other choices.

Further still, Politis offers nothing to my challenge to “come up with something better” than armed guards in schools. As is typical of someone who is convinced that fantasy somehow holds a solution, he just rails against anyone daring to question those fantasies.

In this particular case, Politis and like-minded flower children would probably have us bet our kids’ lives on them.

Bill Watson


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