2013-01-09 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate

The year 2012 has gone so we are already settled into 2013. As we start it out take time to realize who carried you through that year. we just take life for granted but really think who gave you strength, talent and all that was needed to get you through. We can’t thank the Master enough.

Sorry to hear Dot Shaffer is still on the ill list. We need to pray for her recovery that she will be better soon.

Sunday evening dinner guests at the Herbert and Tammy Berkstresser and Aaron Koons home were Herbert Jr. and Tabitha Berkstressers and children and Kate Berkstresser.

Glad to hear Lee Tice is doing real well. We hope he continues on to a full recovery.

June Bennett spent Monday with her mother, Kate Berkstresser.

Household Hint: Use fabric softener sheets twice, then store them in a jar with liquid softener. When drying a load of clothes, pull out a sheet, squeeze the excess solution and toss it in the dryer.

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