2013-01-02 / Letters

Some Thoughts On USPS Fiasco

To The Editor:

Concerning the article on the meeting for the Waterfall Post Office’s service future, we had our own here in the Warfordsburg Post Office last month. Typical of bureaucrats and politicians, the USPS bigwigs have decided to drop the hammer on those who need the service most and who have the least political whack. As usual the choices given are no choice at all, the big decision has been made, patrons are only allowed to choose among the scraps. But I wonder, in their efforts to recover from incompetent management at the top levels of the USPS, which got us into these drastic cutbacks, how many of them are being thrown to the wolves?

Why does the postmaster general still have his job? How many of those $100k salaried oafs at the top are getting the boot? Aside from this, most businesses that find their products are losing customers lower their prices; the USPS just keeps raising the price of its services. In their highly automated mail sorting system maximum efficiency occurs at a specific mail volume. Obviously this optimum level is not being achieved, so the solution should be to follow the lead of the real business owners and lower the price of first class mail letters. How about packages? Oh, we don’t want to hurt UPS or FedX or they might curtail their political donations. What a mess!

Joseph A. Zamoyta


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