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Armed Guards Best Deterrent Now For School Assaults

To The Editor:

OK, I’ll admit to being one of those black and white kind of guys. It’s either right or wrong. It’s either a logical and efficient solution or someone doesn’t know their backside from third base. I have little time or patience for proposals that don’t go directly to solving the problem. That is particularly when the proposal advanced is designed to do nothing more than further a political agenda and/or has a history of failure.

In the wake of the unthinkable at Sandy Hook Elementary, schools are re-evaluating their provisions for student safety. There was a time not too long ago when many kids of hunting age would show up at school with the rifle in the rack and no one would give it a second thought. That young hunter was hitting the woods after school. The idea of shooting up the school because “Mommy didn’t hug me enough” just never occurred. Things have changed. For a number of reasons, we find ourselves in the position of having to protect our kids from any number of threats. Sadly, that even includes threats from those same kids.

“Let no tragedy go to waste” is the new political proverb. And so, we have heard from the usual fronts on the subject. I do admit the idea of a more thorough head check before one can own a gun may have some merit. But, even if all the gun control proposals had merit, they take time to implement, and we need deterrents in our schools now. There is no more time to weigh those merits, table the discussions, worry about who’s sensitivities are going to be disturbed or anything remotely akin to political correctness. A hundred years of nonstop discussions won’t begin to equal one child’s funeral.

I think we can all assume that even the dullest of burglars will avoid the house he knows has a sharp-fanged dog lurking within. It would make sense then that thoroughly trained, thoroughly examined armed guards in our schools would have the same effect.

I can hear the howls of protest now. “More people with more guns is not the answer!” Really? Somebody come up with a better one. One that is available now. One that doesn’t rely on a someday dramatic change in human nature. One that goes directly to solving the problem, which is to provide something ... anything in the way of a deterrent! Because at this point, there ain’t no sharpfanged dog in the house.

That sick, little twit shot his way into Sandy Hook. Security cameras, lockdown procedures, the 911 calls didn’t even slow him down. He had enough time to snuff out all those innocent little lives before the cavalry was even in the neighborhood. Now, let’s suppose he met someone else with a gun before he ever got into the school to begin with.

It’s not like this is a new idea. If I understand correctly, at least two other Pennsylvania school districts have put armed guards on the payroll recently. Is it possible that another sick, little twit in those districts has now changed his mind? For the rest of us, the clock could very well be ticking.

Bill Watson


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