2012-12-26 / Local & State

PennDOT Reminds Travelers To Be Safe, Sober This Holiday Season

Police cracking down on impaired, aggressive drivers

With many people traveling through the holiday season, PennDOT urged motorists to travel safely and noted that police statewide are cracking down on impaired and aggressive drivers.

As part of “Operation Safe Holiday,” which runs through the New Year, state and local police statewide are on the lookout for motorists driving impaired or exhibiting aggressive-driving behaviors like speeding. Police are using sobriety checkpoints, regular traffic safety patrols and roving patrols during the crackdown.

According to PennDOT, last year in the six counties included in PennDOT’s District 9 there were 122 crashes from Dec. 23 to New Year’s Day, resulting in two fatalities. Nearly 75 percent involved an aggressive driver and nearly a third involved an impaired driver.

PennDOT urges motorists to drive responsibly this season by designating a sober driver or finding an alternate ride home if they plan to consume alcohol. Other ways to assure a safe, ticket-free holiday season include obeying posted speed limits, avoiding all distractions, adapting driving to changing weather conditions and always wearing a seat belt.

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