2012-12-26 / Local & State

Couple Fined By Townhouse Group Over Lights

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. (AP) – A western Pennsylvania couple has racked up $400 in homeowners association fines because they use bright, colored lights and statues to decorate their townhouse for Christmas.

Eric and Mary Rehak tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review they’ve been fined $15 per day by the homeowners’ association at Georgetown Commons in Murrysville, about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh.

In February, the group’s council voted to change previous rules enacted by the homeowners, and to holiday lights to white only with one free-standing decoration.

But the Rehaks kept decorating as they’ve always done, with brightly colored lights in their eight windows and lighted Santa and snowman statues flanking their front door.

Association president Ladd Thompson says the decorations are “excessive”‘ in both their type and duration. But association treasurer Mike Sullivan says the fines are “meddling” and “unnecessary.”

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