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Ayr Adopts 2013 Budget

Approves plans for new PSP barracks in business park
By Jean Snyder

The Ayr Township supervisors adopted a 2013 budget and gave final approval to plans to build a new Pennsylvania State Police barracks in the Fulton County Business Park at their regular meeting held on Friday evening.

The supervisors adopted their proposed budget for 2013 that calls for expenditures in the amount of $330,335 and new revenues in the same amount. According to the budget, expenses are set at $45,000 for general government, $25,000 for safety, $2,000 for sanitation, $163,335 for highway and roads, $2,500 for recreation, $2,000 for other and $90,500 for miscellaneous. The township plans to end the year with $1,325,875 in fund equity. Ayr levies no property, occupation or percapita taxes on its residents. Only a 1 percent earned-income tax is levied in the township, and it is split with the school district.

Paul Whealdon of Fahringer, McCarty, Gregy Inc. met with supervisors to review the plans for a new Pa. State Police (PSP) barracks, to be built on Lot 11R1 in the Fulton County Business Park. The new 7,500-square-foot building will be built on the south side of Fulton Drive directly across from Tri-State Community Health Center.

Whealdon works with the Monroeville based planning and design firm and is assigned to the PSP project. The firm had requested five waivers on its building plan and the township, after review from their engineer, Tom Morisi of Keller Engineers, approved all five of the waivers, including: a waiver from the landscape buffer requirement, from the curb requirements, from parking lane requirements of 25 inches (down to 24 inches), the requirement that there must be interior landscape of at least 10 percent of the parking lot and the requirement that the driveway must be 30 feet from the property line.

The general contractor for the project, which will begin in the spring, is Veon Construction Corp. of West Middlesex, Pa. The PSP will lease the building from a company owned by Veon.

Whealdon said he did not know if the electrical and plumbing contracts had been let yet, but he did not rule out those contracts being awarded to local contractors.

An easement agreement and bond were reviewed by the township solicitor, Stanley J. Kerlin, and he indicated that both met the requirements of the township. The easement agreement essentially gives the township the right to inspect retention ponds on the property at any time.

During other business, the supervisors reviewed another Keller Engineer project on Lot 17 in the park located on Secrist Spring Lane behind Tri-State Community Health Center. That project is being proposed as a commercial development by Marmon/Keystone. The company, which cuts steel predominantly for JLG, is currently located on Success Drive at Fulton Precision. However, due to the expansion of Fulton Precision, the business has sought other space. The supervisors agreed to send the land-use letter to begin the process.

A subdivision plan for Wild Geese Ranch, owned by Jack and Stephanie Steele, was granted tentative approval and sent to the Department of Environmental Protection in Altoona for review and approval prior to final approval by the township.

The supervisors reviewed a letter from County Chief Clerk Dan Swain, informing the township that due to needed repairs to a county bridge in 2013, no allocation of liquid fuel funds will be made to Ayr Township.

The supervisors approved a request for a public meeting to be held in January for discussion and information on the proposed bridge replacement at Big Cove Tannery on Rt. 928. Rudy Coringrato, Design Group manager with C.C. Johnson & Malhotra PC, asked to hold the meeting during the supervisors’ regular monthly meeting on January 28. The meeting with public officials will be held from 4-5 p.m. (in accordance with PennDOT regulations), while the public meeting will be held from 6-7 p.m., to be followed by the supervisors’ regular meeting at 7 p.m.

During other business, the supervisors, their solicitor and secretary said they will attend the annual state supervisors’ convention in Hershey in April 2013 and registration materials were completed.

Finally, township secretary Denise Grissinger announced that the supervisors’ annual reorganizational meeting will be held on Monday, January 7, 2013, at the township building.

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