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Great Ways To Make Your Holiday Party Beautiful

The holiday season is the most festive time of year, from singing in the streets to gatherings with friends and family. So if you’re going to be entertaining, you’ll want your party to feel as cheerful as the season itself and to add some style and flair to make your party sparkle.

From the d├ęcor to the table settings to the food, a few unique twists can make guests feel welcomed, impressed and ready to party upon arrival. So set the mood accordingly.

Delight on arrival

You can delight their senses right away with a lit fireplace or by brewing a holiday punch or cider with cinnamon and other aromatic flavors. Also, be sure that your entranceway is decorated for the season and that there’s music playing. A crooner like Bing Crosby performing holiday hits is a classic choice. Just keep the volume at a conversationfriendly level.

Think small presentation

Instead of hosting a multi course sit-down dinner, make life easier on yourself and more fun for your guests with a splendid spread of small plates. A small plate dinner means guests can eat whenever they arrive and mix and mingle as they do so – it’s an easy, fun way to entertain.

When it comes to parties, the visual impact of your food is as important as its taste. This is where small plates shine, as little tastes can have a big impact with their colors, shapes and designs.

Give guests’ a taste surprise with a round-the-world line up of cuisines, from traditional sliders to more exotic choices like dumplings and Mediterranean dips. For inspiration, turn to a cookbook devoted solely to miniature appetizers and desserts, such as those from author Robert Zollweg.

Aim for each dish to feature about four to six bites of food that can be eaten comfortably seated or standing, and arrange dishes on small, sleek plates, such as Libbey Just Tastings mini dinnerware collection. Both the Just Tastings collection and cookbook line are available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

For the sake of presentation, be sure your dishes present a great array of colors. Attendees will naturally end up moving around the room in order to taste everything. Make sure to coordinate tablecloths, napkins, candleholders and centerpieces in a seasonal color scheme. You can find a colorful assortment of each at www.bedbathandbeyond.co m. Don’t be afraid to think creatively!

Dress it up

You can dress up your party space with a few simple and elegant flourishes. You can make stylish centerpieces by taking clear bowls and filling them with colorful ornaments and pretty greenery. And you can fill glasses with colored stones or small candles to add a sophisticated glow to the room.

By setting a mood that is both cheerful and chic, you can make a great impression on guests and throw a party they won’t soon forget.

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