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Boro Gives Final Approval To 2013 Budget

Approves Historical Society grant plans for air conditioning
By Jean Snyder


McConnellsburg Borough Council gave unanimous approval to a 2013 budget that calls for no tax increases and projects increased spending of about $58,738 over 2012 expected expenditures.

The budget was passed unanimously on a David Washabaugh / Jim Smith motion at the council’s regular meeting held last Wednesday evening. During November’s meeting, council voted to keep taxes at 5 mills on real estate, an occupation tax of 20 mills and a per-capita tax of $5.

Borough taxpayers will also pay a one-half percent real estate transfer tax and a one-half percent wage tax.

The 2013 budget calls for total expenditures of $268,421.84 to be offset by $552,674.29 in revenue and investments. The borough expects to spend $136,234 on general government, $30,488 on protection of persons and property and $101,700 on highways. It is anticipated that the borough will end the year with a surplus of $284,252.

During other business, council met with Fulton County Historical Society members Linda Garber, Edith Coleman and Debbie Reed. Garber, who is president of the society, introduced Coleman, who chairs the museum committee, and Reed, who replaced Glenn Cordell as a part-time society employee. Garber explained that the society was seeking approval from the borough to put air conditioning in the upstairs museum and the kitchen of the Fulton House.

Reed explained that the society has procured a $5,000 matching grant from the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in order to install the air conditioning. The Historical Society will match the $5,000 with $5,000 from the society’s coffers. The units will be wall units with compressors outside to the rear of the building. Garber explained that the need for air conditioning is two-fold in that it is needed for better climate control for the museum’s inventory, and it is also needed in order to be able to hire part-time help to keep the museum open during the summer months. Garber said she is aware that the air conditioning will drive up the electric bill for the Fulton House, and she said the society will pay the borough the difference for the increased usage. In addition to the approval sought from the borough, it was also noted that the grant application must be signed by the borough as the building’s owner.

After brief discussion, council voted unanimously on a Rick Buterbaugh/Jim Smith motion to give approval on the grant application and the air-conditioning installation and for the borough to absorb the cost of the electric bill increase.

Also during other business, council voted unanimously on a Pat Frazier/Jim Smith motion to pursue further Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to do more curb-cuts in the borough for handicapped accessibility. Frazier said she would like to see all of the ones done on Lincoln Way.

On a David Washabaugh/Jim Smith motion, the council voted unanimously to ask the county to put the Third Street bridge replacement on its 12-year transportation plan. Bid specifications in compliance with state requirements were completed recently by Keller Engineers, and council voted to pay Keller $3,008.77 for the work from liquid fuel funds.

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay bills in the amount of $13,071.26. Receipts for the same period were $9,831.66. Checks were written for $14,249.46, leaving a December 1 balance of $50,229.09.

Council members present at the December meeting were Travis Bard, David Washabaugh, Pat Booth, Pat Frazier, Rick Buterbaugh, Mack Shaffer, Jim Smith and Mayor Mike Chilcote. Borough secretary Jack Fields was also present.

Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting will be held January 2, 2013.

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