2012-11-28 / Letters

Superstorm Good Neighbor

To The Editor:

On Wednesday, October 31, Shawnee and Mike Hollenshead had to go to Hoboken, N.J., to bring her daughter, Chelsey, home from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy as she was without both electricity and heat. Upon their return, Mike asked Shawnee what she wanted for their first-year anniversary? Having seen the devastation firsthand, she didn’t hesitate in responding, “I want to gather as much stuff as I can this week and take it back to Hoboken and give it all to the first Red Cross or Salvation Army Unit I come to.”

Using word of mouth, Shawnee’s hair salon or “donation station” was filled with blankets, socks, coats, shoes, boots, water, batteries, office supplies, and monetary donations from customers, friends, neighbors, ladies aids, and even VFW Post 655. On November 10 the donations were loaded and delivered to the Red Cross and Salvation Army where it was greatly appreciated and needed.

Isn’t it amazing what a wish from one super person as well as a few phone calls can do even in a small, wee place like Harrisonville, Pa.!

Wanda C. Stone


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