2012-11-28 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate

Glad to report your news correspondent is back after spending a few weeks in the hospital due to a broken hip. I wish to thank everyone for their cards and acts of kindness during that time.

Good luck to all the deer hunters. Hope they get that buck with a nice trophy rack. Safe hunting to all.

Visitors in the Kate Berkstresser home over the weekend were Shawn Berkstresser and friend Joyce Brennaman, Harvey Berkstresser and Cris and June Bennett, Herbie and Tammy Berkstresser, and Aaron Koons.

We send get well wishes to Dot Schaffer, who we hear is having some physical problems.

Glad to hear Lee Tice is back home and is improving. We hope he continues to a full recovery.

Happy birthday to Logan Berkstresser, December 6.

Visitors with Pastor Bill and Joan Kuhn were their son and folks.

Happy birthday to Laverne Brown on November 27 and also to Dave Arnold on November 29.

We are grateful for our local firemen who went to New Jersey to help with the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy.

Household Hint: Eggs, exactly what the cook ordered. Ever been baking away only to discover you’re one egg short. Here’s a great substitute. Just blend in a couple of tablespoons of real mayonnaise. You can’t tell the difference.

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