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Boro Council Hears Citizens’ Complaints

Grants a variance for a garage
By Jean Snyder


McConnellsburg Borough Council members met with Fifth Street resident Clair Miller and several property owners in his neighborhood regarding tree limbs and leaves on their Myers Avenue properties.

Miller told council that the tree limbs and leaves from a North 4th Street property owner are falling onto the Myers Avenue townhouses in his development. He produced photos that show the leaves, and property owners verified that the leaves get into their heat pumps, spouting and gutters and make their sidewalks slippery. One property owner said she was afraid to go to sleep during the recent hurricane because she was afraid of falling limbs or trees from the property. Miller characterized the trees as being in bad shape and asked council for help.

It was an awkward topic since the property in question belongs to Councilman Pat Booth, who was present for the discussion. After explaining that he felt the issue should be addressed between him and the property owners, he refused to comment further. Miller went on to say that he would like the situation corrected and that he would also like financial help for having to clean up the leaves on his properties. Booth did agree early on in the discussion to have the limbs trimmed.

Council members explained that they have no ordinance that controls trees, limbs or leaves and advised Miller that he should have a conversation with the property owner and try to settle the dispute amicably.

Council reviewed plans from North Street resident, John Duffey, regarding his plan to build a 32x32-foot garage at the northwest corner of his property. Council granted a variance on lot size, noting that he had the proper setbacks.

Also during new business, council voted to use liquid fuel funds to pay TMS in the amount of $3,895 for a grate/inlet repair, to pay for the bridge limit signs on Third Street in the amount of $385.66 and to pay to have truck tires replaced at a cost of $886.90.

Old business

Borough secretary Jack Fields reported that the borough will receive $18,000 in liquid fuel funds from the county in order to have an alley paved and drains elevated ( to solve a water drainage problem) on the county’s property, specifically the alley that runs north and south from Market Street to Walnut Street Fields also reported that the borough’s flagpole and flag have arrived and will be erected later in the week. The flagpole and flag will also be lit.

Also during old business, council reviewed a written update from property owner Robert Wooldridge on his plans to raze the property at the corner of North Third and Market streets and put six or seven townhouses on the lot. He reported that the trees on the property have been reduced to stumps and they will be ground off. He reported that he has met with the Conservation District and will be meeting with the Historical Society regarding his plans. He reiterated that he will replace all sidewalks on the property, and that the townhouses will be built to be sold and will not be rental properties. He said they will likely be brick-cased.

Council also discussed a school zone sign on Maple Street that is located in the middle of the sidewalk and discussed ways to relocate it.

Also, council members passed a proposed 2013 budget (see separate story in this week’s “News.”).

On a Rick Buterbaugh/ David Washabaugh motion, council voted to permit the Fulton County Catholic Mission to put up a National Hunger and Homeless Awareness banner on the Fulton House for the month.

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay October bills in the amount of $11,764.16. Receipts for the same period were $20,067.68. Checks were written for $18,515.70, leaving a November 1 balance of $54,646.89.

Council members present included Travis Bard, David Washabaugh, Jim Smith, Rick Buterbaugh, Pat Booth, Pat Frazier, Mack Shaffer and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 5, 2012.

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