2012-11-07 / Family

Shimers Celebrate 40th Anniversary

The Shimers in 1973 The Shimers in 1973 Mahlon and Jody Shimer of McConnellsburg will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on November 11, 2012.

They were married at McConnellsburg United Methodist Church Novemer

11, 1972. The couple met only a few months earlier at Jack Shimer’s restaurant where Jody, age 18, worked as a waitress. Mahlon, age 20, was working across the street at his family’s hardware store, The Racket Store.

The couple will be celebrating with a quiet dinner at home with their family, followed by a very special first honeymoon given lovingly by their daughters and families.

The Shimers in 2012 The Shimers in 2012

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