2012-10-31 / Letters

Good Samaritan Gets Thanks

To The Editor:

Last Sunday, I attended a flea market near McConnellsburg. It was when we had left and were five miles down the road that I made the horrifying discovery that I had left my purse behind. I had made a rest stop just before we’d left and remember hanging my purse on a hook.

Of course, I imagined all kinds of horrible things happening. I prayed that an honest person would find it an turn it in.

We hightailed it back to the flea market. Thank goodness, the folks in charge told me that someone had turned it in. They couldn’t have been more gracious. To the lady who found it and turned it in, thank you and God bless you.

Wish you had given them your name so that I could thank you and reward you personally. You were my angel that day.

Thanks again,

Sharon Culp

Orrtanna, Pa.

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