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Judge Meyers Presides Over September 16 Court Session


Judge Shawn D. Meyers of the 39th Judicial District and the Fulton/ Franklin County Court of Common Pleas presided over a court session held at the Fulton County Courthouse on Tuesday, September 16.

 Regina Ann Bennett was ordered to undergo 12 months probation as well as drug and alcohol assessment and treatment and mental health treatment. She will be forbidden to consume alcohol or controlled substances. She will pay a $25 monthly supervision fee and a $150 fine.

Fulton County Public Defender Dwight Harvey said his client suffers from a drug problem and has been clean for the last two months. He asked the court for the chance for her to demonstrate her sobriety. An emotional Bennett told the court she had been clinically depressed and without a job or vehicle. She asked for another chance to make things right and pleaded not to go to jail.

Judge Meyers did acquiesce but said his concern was that he didn’t know if the fear of jail was enough in this case.

 Gerald Francis Lange was sentenced to 30 days in the Franklin County Prison for driving under the influence. He will complete alcohol highway safety school and will pay a $750 fine, a $25- per-month supervision fee, $100 to the Substance Abuse Fund, $88 to Fulton County Medical Center and $10 to EMS.

Lange apologized to the court for the trouble he caused. He noted he has been in therapy and outpatient counseling and attends Alcoholics Anonymous daily. Lange added he wants to be around to see his children and grandchildren.

The judge concluded that his actions put other people’s children and grandchildren at risk.

 Michael Jerry Schreiber was ordered to complete between nine and 60 months in a state correctional institution for third-degree felony theft. He will pay a $400 fine, restitution of $3,200 to his father Michael Allen Schreiber, a $250 DNA testing fee and a monthly supervision fee.

It was noted half of the last 11 years Schreiber has spent incarcerated on a local level.

 Anthony Carroll Brown waived his right to arraignment on charges of failure to comply with sexual offender registration. Brown entered a guilty plea and will be sentenced on December 4. He told the court he had been staying with friends at 206 Grist Mill Road, Burnt Cabins, for several months and had not notified state police of the move.

 Adin Forrest Daniels appeared without legal counsel for arraignment on two separate cases involving simple assault, harassment, retaliation against a witness or victim, intimidation of a witness and terroristic threats. A hearing on standby counsel will be held November 6.

 Willie Edward Dawkins waived his right to formal arraignment and was entered into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program on charges of the use or possession of drug paraphernalia. Dawkins will complete 12 months probation and 30 hours of community service. He was found in possession of a marijuana pipe and crusher during a vehicle stop earlier this year.

 Bradley Jonathan Karas waived arraignment last Tuesday and entered a not-guilty plea to receiving stolen property. He will next appear in court on January 15 for call of the criminal trial list.

 Tabetha Lynn Mellott failed to appear in court for the use or possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of a controlled substance and summary offenses. A bench warrant was issued for the arrest of Mellott.

 Jennifer Ann Rhodes appeared in court for arraignment on driving under the influence of alcohol. Rhodes pleaded guilty and was remanded to the Department of Corrections for determin- ing eligibility in the State Intermediate Punishment program.

 Timothy Marlin McFadden Jr. appeared for a probation violation hearing and was resentenced on three counts each of corruption of minors and indecent assault of a person less than 16. Mc- Fadden had been arrested in West Virginia for stealing scrap metal for which he spent six months and one day in prison.

The sentences handed down by Judge Meyers for the corruption of minors carried a 60-month participation in Intermediate Punishment as well as several months incarceration with work release in the Franklin County Prison. Credit was granted for time already served.

He will be unable to have unsupervised contact with any female under the age of 18. A no-contact provision regarding the victim, who is now 18, was lifted. She is currently carrying his child, she said in court, and became pregnant at the age of 17.

Indecent assault charges each carried a sentence of 12 months probation. Various fines and fees were imposed as well.

In addition to hearing comment from the victim on the no- contact provision, McFadden’s mother and exwife also took the opportunity to address the court.

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