2012-10-24 / Local & State

Baby Kangaroo Now On Exhibit At Boston Zoo

Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) – A joey has started peeking out of its mama's pouch at Franklin Park Zoo, and officials say the baby red kangaroo is ready for visitors.

The unnamed joey was born about six months ago, but its gender still isn't known.

Zoo officials say joeys are born after about a month of gestation and are about the size of a jelly bean then.

This joey is the offspring of 7-year-old kangaroo mom Skippy and 4-year-old kangaroo dad Binowee.

Also on exhibit on the zoo's Outback Trail is the joey's big sister, 1-year-old Ramiro.

Common in Australia, the marsupials can reach speeds of more than 30 mph with their bouncing locomotion.

Zoo officials are keeping an eye on Skippy as she hops around with the joey, and report both are doing well.

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