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Concerned About Obama’s Support Of Gay Rights

To The Editor:

I write this letter to the good people of Fulton County and beyond to share a concern I have about the current cultural shift being pressed by the present administration under President Obama.

I am a pastor of two small local churches and the president of our church conference. Earlier this year, when President Obama came out in support of the union of same sex couples, he said his views were still evolving concerning “gay rights.” We, I and all the pastors of our conference, sent a letter asking him to reconsider his position in light of his profession of being a Christian. We reminded him of several scriptural passages that prohibit the action of sexual intercourse between same sex persons.

It took three months, but a reply did come. Return address of the White House and signed by Barak Obama (autopen I’m sure). The letter of response thanked us for writing and then set out the administration’s agenda very clearly. He clearly stated his total support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. His actions to open the military to openly gay people and his expansion of control over insurance coverage to force companies and healthcare facilities to make accommodation for LGBT people are both seen as achievements.

He further stated his goal to get the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) repealed as he feels it is discriminatory. He prefers the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act be passed to replace DOMA. His desires to secure adoptive rights for LGBT people are stated as well. There is also a line about children learning in a supportive environment and given the context of the letter, it raises some question as to the implications of the statement. I wonder if we have the same “supportive” environment in mind.

I am grateful to the president for responding even though I feel a great disappointment in that not only did he not consider the Bible or our concerns as anything to be weighed, but he actually rejected our position entirely. May the good people that read this consider carefully the direction we as a nation are headed. Thank you and may the people of the United States of America bless God.

Rev. Russell Hoffman

Bedford and Fulton Counties


Conference To The Editor:

After completing my pastoral visitations on Friday I spent the afternoon at the Bedford County Courthouse handing out water bottles to those waiting in line for tax appeals. The idea came to me Thursday night at the Republican fall banquet during a discussion about the appeals. I mentioned to a couple people about handing out water or coffee to those waiting in line. I thought it would be a nice gesture and would communicate that those in public office really do care about those they serve.

When I stopped by the courthouse on Friday, I noticed that no one had followed up on the idea. I subsequently began handing out water and hoped that this small act would communicate to those in office that they are there to serve all the people and that the people should never be viewed as a burden. Like many people, I believe that everyone should be treated with respect, fairness and dignity no matter what their party affiliation, socio-economic status, family name, gender, religion or race. I had a nice time talking with people from all over the county and sharing my faith and vision for public office. It was a great experience and I am glad I had the opportunity. It is always exciting when God gives His children a creative idea.

While God may call us to participate in different ways, there is something more important each of us can do and that is exercising our right to vote on Nov. 6. Public officials are always aware of who votes and when you vote they pay attention. Remember, they work for you and me. Elections hold them accountable for their records. If you are concerned with the direction the country is heading, then express your right to vote and let your voice be heard. Your vote really does matter, especially to the generations that follow, because they will carry the burden of the choice we make on Election Day.

Pastor Dwight “JR” Winck

Breezewood, Pa.

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