2012-10-17 / Sports

Driver License Centers Closed Nov. 5

Recently, PennDOT announced that its driver licensing centers, normally closed on Mondays, would be open on Monday, Nov. 5, the day before Election Day, to serve customers with lastminute voter ID needs.

On Monday, the department along with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ( AFSCME), the union representing its Driver Licensing Center employees, announced that those centers will remain closed on that day.

AFSCME recently contacted PennDOT concerning the driver license centers being open Monday, Nov. 5, and asked that PennDOT reconsider the decision to open the centers the day before the general election in light of the Commonwealth Court decision last week related to the voter ID law.

After careful consideration, PennDOT has agreed to AFSCME’s request. Driver licensing centers will follow their normal schedule and will not be open on November 5, 2012. The downtown Pittsburgh Driver License center, normally open on Mondays, will be open Nov. 5. PennDOT photo centers, normally open on Mondays, will be open Nov. 5.

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