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Cowboys Football Report


The HCPWFL playoffs kicked off this Saturday, with the Fulton County Cowboys squaring off against the defending champion Huntingdon Steelers. The Steelers prevailed in the regular season matchup of these teams.

Fulton County received the opening kickoff and took to the offensive. Brice Feagley opened the game with a 19-yard run play, followed by Brycen Hohman’s 21- yard gain on a quarterback keeper. With first-and-goal at the eight-yard line, the Cowboys used three consecutive run plays to advance the ball to the one-yard line. On fourth-and-goal, D’Amonte Loreman had his first opportunity of the day, plunging across the goal line for the score. Feagley followed with the point-after run, and the Cowboys staked claim to the 7-0 lead.

The Steelers then got their first opportunity with the football, and they established a punishing running attack that would set the tone for the rest of the game. The Steelers used seven run plays to convert their first touchdown of the day. Continuing with a steady run game, Huntingdon would rattle off four unanswered touchdowns to open a 26-7 lead. While the Steelers’ offense controlled the game, Tyaire Durant contributed an interception and Zach Scott a fumble recovery for the Cowboy defense.

Trailing by three scores and the season ticking away, the Cowboys showed no signs of quit. With the fourth- quarter clock ticking, shifty running by Bryce Kylor sparked a long scoring drive. Kole Kendall finished off the drive, leaping across the goal line to close the score to 26-13.

The loss wraps up the Cowboys’ 2012 season, while Huntingdon advances to face the #1 seed Woodcock Valley Colts. Southern Huntingdon’s Lions await the winner of the Juniata Valley/Mount Union preliminary game. The HCPWFL Super Bowl is scheduled for October 27.

Junior varsity

The Cowboys JV team also lost its first-round playoff game, concluding its season. Details were not available.

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