2012-10-17 / Local & State

Designs Prosthetic Climbing Foot

Mandy Ott and her fiance C.J. Howard Mandy Ott and her fiance C.J. Howard Mandy Ott, a woman with local ties, and her fiance, C.J. Howard, of northern California, were recently written about in Forbes magazine as the designers of a new prosthetic foot for rock climbing.

According to TJ Mc- Cue, writing in Forbes magazine, Howard, a lower-leg amputee and rock-climbing enthusiast, relies on a customized prosthetic foot that he designed with climbing partner and environmental/ aerospace engineer Ott. The pair had the prosthetic made with a laser sintering process.

When Ott introduced Howard to climbing in 2008, standard prosthetic shapes didn’t work well with his specialized footwear. Ott got out her laptop, opened an engineering CAD program and, on-the-spot, created what Howard described as an aggressive climbing shoe with a downturned toe – like a banana.

Information about the manufacturing and sale of the prosthetic foot and the inventors can be found in the full article at www.forbes.com and searching on Mandy Ott. Ott is the granddaughter of Rena and the late Paul “Des” Ott and the daughter of Dr. Jeff and Pam Ott of Greencastle.

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