2012-10-17 / Letters

Applauds DA’s Participation In Home Defense Course

To The Editor:

This year’s four National Rifle Association home defense course successfully concluded in September. Held at the Fulton County Pistol and Rifle Club and taught by Bob Strait, the courses offer both class discussion and hands-on firearms training.

Essential to the class discussions are the knowledge and experience provided by the Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall.

Mr. Kendall once again, as in years past, donated his private time to expertly outline the legal considerations and rights and responsibilities of owning and carrying a handgun. His detailed explanations and common sense examples give the participants a clear understanding of the realities facing them and the confidence to make their own very personal decisions regarding their safety.

Mr. Kendall’s boundless patience with the class participants’ questions sets a relaxed tone that allows for a full discussion of everyone’s concerns. By his continuing support, Mr. Kendall embodies the selfless spirit of the ideal public trustee. Fulton County is fortunate to have him.

J. Michael DeLuca


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