2012-10-17 / Letters

Advice To Those Who Destroy Others’ Property

To The Editor:

To those poor souls who can’t seem to find something good to occupy their time. What pleasure do you get from smashing mailboxes and destroying other people’s property? Are you doing that to vent your anger or frustration over something? How sad!

You think no one saw you but God did, and He loves you anyway. It would please God and make you feel better about yourself to find a way to be helpful. I am sure there are plenty of senior citizens around who would appreciate some help. Maybe rake leaves, wash a car, cut or haul in some firewood, etc. You may even make a couple of bucks. It would be nice if you would even replace the mailbox.

In any case, I pray that you will turn away from your destructive behavior and give good and God a place in your life.

Mary F. Zink

Southern Fulton County

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