2012-10-10 / Local & State

Newborn Baby Boy Shares Birthday With Dad, Grandpa

By Joseph Kohut


SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) – The odds were slim. To be fair, slim is a bit optimistic. There was a 0.000751 percent chance.

Don’t tell that to the Nixon family of Waymart who welcomed a baby boy into the family on Wednesday, the third generation to be born on Oct. 3.

The day first became special to the family in 1961 when Clifford Charles Nixon was born and again in 1989 when Clifford’s son, Justin Ryan Nixon, was born.

Despite doctors giving Justin Nixon’s wife, Katie, onlyabouta5percentchance of continuing the trend by giving birth on her Oct. 3 due date, Ryan Charles Nixon was born Wednesday afternoon.

“It was perfect,” Nixon said. “I was hoping that it would happen.”

Nixon’s 2-year-old daughter, Amberlynn, is very excited to be a big sister. Nixon said Amberlynn was constantly kissing her stomach during the course of the pregnancy, calling out for her yetto be-born brother by name.

Thursday Clifford Nixon was all smiles wearing a Tshirt that read “property of grandpa.”

Right after the birth, one of the most excited, and nervous, in the room was the child’s father.

Soon after Nixon gave birth, Nixon rushed into the room carrying roses and a card.

The card’s message was simple: “I love you.”

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