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Justin Rasp, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner Justin Rasp, 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner For some race car drivers it takes years before they win their first race. Some never win. But a select few are able to find victory lane in their rookie season and that happened Friday night at Path Valley.

The Mini Stock feature was the first event of the evening and Dave Friedrich led the 11-car field to the green flag. Friedrich led the first seven laps with Jeremy Ott and Kevin Thomas right behind. Friedrich was trying to guard the inside line, so Ott drove in on the outside and then turned back to the inside as they exited Turn 4. Ott made the pass for the lead and the win on Lap 8. Friedrich stayed right behind Ott until he got too low on the final lap, clipping a tire on the apron and losing second to Thomas. Bill Kennedy finished fourth and Eric Seibert fifth.

Andy Swope started on the pole of the Street Stock feature and led the first lap. Ronnie Garlock took over on the next circuit. Ken Singer came from starting sixth and was up to second when Garlock had trouble exiting Turn 2 on Lap 5. Singer went to go around Garlock and suddenly Garlock swerved right and into the side of Singer. Singer continued on and Garlock slowed on the backstretch as the rest of the field scrambled to avoid him. After that Singer drove away from the pack, leading by over a straightaway at the finish for his 10th feature win this year. Garlock worked his way back through the field to finish second. After the race Garlock stopped in victory lane to congratulate Singer and explained that his steering wheel had come off, which caused him to veer into Singer. Emory Covert showed much improvement with his third-place finish, ahead of Steve Harlan and Justin Gearhart. Singer won the heat race too.

The PA Sprint Series 305 Sprints were added to Friday night’s schedule to make up for previous rainouts. Eric Parker was glad that decision was made. Parker started first in the feature, and 20 laps later he was still there. This is Parker’s first year of driving a race car and this was his first win ever. As the track got drier Parker used a smooth line and good throttle control to put distance between himself and secondplace Kody Lehman. Craig Myers made a late race charge to finish third, with Tim Dietz fourth and point leader Tyler Bear fifth. The race was red-flagged twice in the first five laps. Keith McIntyre rolled over in Turn 1 and two laps later Tyler Lebo and Steve Kenawell made contact, resulting in Lebo’s car rolling over.

Justin Rasp led all 20 laps for the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature win. Tony Hampton finished second and Shaun Linn third. Hampton leads Linn by one point in the championship with one race remaining.

Adam Imes started the night with a seven-point lead in the Super Stock championship over Curtis Guyer, and they found themselves starting first and second in the feature. Guyer out-powered Imes on the start to grab the lead. The two leaders ran bumper-to-bumper nearly the entire event. Carl Miller closed in on the leaders, but fell back just past halfway. With two laps to go Imes got to the inside of Guyer as they went through Turn 3, but Guyer closed the door exiting Turn 4, and Imes lost four car lengths. Guyer needed all of that lead when his right rear tire started losing air. Imes charged back and tried to go around Guyer in the final turn, but he hit a bump exiting Turn 4 allowing Guyer to beat him back to the finish line. The win put Guyer less than five points behind Imes with one race to go. Miller finished third, Keith Walls fourth, and Ray Duffy fifth.

September 28 results

Mini Stock: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Kevin Thomas, 3. Dave Friedrich, 4. Bill Kennedy, 5. Eric Seibert, 6. Ronnie Garlock, 7. Dylan Wilson, 8. Chris Anderson, 9. Korey Washinger, 10. Mike Hawbaker, 11. Kurt Knepper.

Street Stock: 1. Ken Singer (Robertsdale), 2. Ronnie Garlock, 3. Emory Covert, 4. Steve Harlan, 5. Justin Gearhart, 6. Ridge Bookwalter, 7. Andy Swope, 8. Tom Wakefield.

305 Sprint: 1. Eric Parker ( Lewistown), 2. Kody Lehman, 3. Craig Myers, 4. Tim Dietz, 5. Tyler Bear, 6. Jim Kennedy, 7. Mark Watkins, 8. Chad Myers, 9. Paul Snyder, 10. Daren Bolac, 11. Tyler Reeser, 12. Eric Mathiot, 13. Steve Kenawell, 14. Tyler Lebo, 15. Keith McIntyre, 16. George Riden.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Justin Rasp (McConnellsburg), 2. Tony Hampton, 3. Shaun Linn.

Super Stock: 1. Curtis Guyer (James Creek), 2. Adam Imes, 3. Carl Miller, 4. Keith Walls, 5. Ray Duffy, 6. Rich Earhart, 7. Alex Boozel, 8. Deron Henry.

Saturday, October 6: 12th annual 4-Cylinder Shoot-Out and 11th annual Strictly Stock Showdown plus Street Stock and Super Stock.

Path Valley Speedway hosted the 12th Annual Sprint Nationals Saturday night. When it is a full moon strange things tend to happen at the races, and Saturday night was no exception.

The 270cc Micro Sprints were the first feature. Josh Stoyer started third and slipped inside polesitter Daryl Beakler at the start to take the lead. While Stoyer was showing the way and extending his lead, Sean McAndrew was working forward from starting seventh. McAndrew moved into second on Lap 4. Stoyer’s lead began to dwindle, and McAndrew was only one car length behind when the yellow flag waved on Lap 15. Two more cautions slowed the race, but on each restart Stoyer pulled away by several car lengths, and he led all 30 laps for his first win at Path Valley. McAndrew came home second, ahead of Tyler Snook, Matt Campbell and Jerry Palm. Heat wins went to Bob Brubaker, Beakler and Stoyer.

Mike Dicely took the lead from Zach Overmiller on Lap 2 and was half a lap ahead when Seth Kearchner lost a wheel and rolled over in Turn 1 on the final lap. Dicely again pulled away on the restart to win the Sidewinder Sprint feature. Overmiller held off Mike Zielonis for second, with Jason Stahl fourth and Donnie Hendershot fifth.

During the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint feature is when things started to go bad. On the very first lap Randy Kaylor rolled onto his side, bringing out a complete restart. Polesitter Keith McIntyre had beat George Riden to the lead on the first start, but on the second attempt Riden drove around McIntyre to show the way. The race stayed fairly uneventful as Riden led the way until McIntyre began to fade, losing second to Craig Myers on Lap 11 and then dropping two more spots to Kody Lehman and Tim Dietz before the yellow flag waved on Lap 18. A caution two laps later set the stage for “full moon racing”. On the restart Chad Myers brushed the outside wall on the front stretch and as he slowed down “ Cowboy” Jim Kennedy made contact, sending Kennedy high into the air and rolling before coming to rest on his wheels. When the officials got to Kennedy he was unconscious. A few minutes later he came to and was able to climb from the car under his own power. Kennedy was complaining of back and shoulder pain and was transported to the hospital. The red flag came out again with two laps remaining when Tim Dietz rolled over on the front stretch. Dietz climbed out unharmed. Riden used the high groove to lead all 30 laps and claim his first feature win this year. Craig Myers improved one spot over Friday night, finishing second. Third went to Kody Lehman, fourth Steve Kenawell and fifth Tyler Bear.

The 600cc Micro Sprint feature concluded the night, but the rollovers and red flags kept coming. Shane Lewis led the field to green and was ahead when Chad Vanhorn rolled onto his side on Lap 2, bringing out the red flag. Lewis continued to set the pace until he made contact with a car he was putting a lap down and lost a wheel on Lap 15. When Lewis slid to a stop Tyler Walton could not avoid him and was also taken out of the race. This accident brought out the second red flag. While Hehnly was out in front, Mike Dicely was getting a spot on each restart and was second when the final caution waved with two laps to go. Dicely could not mount a challenge over the last two laps, and Hehnly returned to victory lane at Path Valley for the first time in several years. Third through fifth went to Jesse Snyder, Steve Whary and Jeff Stelter. Whary and Zack Light both finished 11 positions ahead of where they started. Heat wins went to Nick Wood, Walton, Snyder and Tom Schearer. The two consolation races were won by Sam Lamothe and Kevin Steele.

September 29 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Josh Stoyer (Reading, Pa.), 2. Sean McAndrew, 3.Tyler Snook, 4. Matt Campbell, 5. Jerry Palm, 6. Brian Marriott, 7. Cory Myers, 8. Daryl Beakler, 9. Zack Fouse, 10. Heath Hehnly, 11. Gary Keister, 12. Levi Peck, 13. Brandon Heist, 14. Adam Warner, 15. Grady Johnston, 16. Mike Boer, 17. Brandon Hawkins, 18. Dave Hawkins, 19. Chad Myers, 20. Mike Boyer, 21. Bob Brubaker, 22. Scott Hawkins, 23. Cody Hackenberry, 24. Chad Thomas DNQ: Don Roush, Eric Forsythe, Sam Lamothe, Rob Best

Sidewinder Sprint: 1. Mike Dicely (Etters, Pa.), 2. Zach Overmiller, 3. Mike Zielonis, 4. Jason Stahl, 5. Donnie Hendershot, 6. Seth Kearchner, 7. Rohan Beasley, 8. Mike Deimler

PASS 305 Sprint: 1. George Riden (Dauphin, Pa.), 2. Craig Myers, 3. Kody Lehman, 4. Steve Kenawell, 5. Tyler Bear, 6. Alex Schanz, 7. Eric Parker, 8. Daren Bolac, 9. Tim Dietz, 10. Jim Kennedy, 11. Tyler Reeser, 12. Chad Myers, 13. Paul Snyder, 14. Randy Kaylor, 15. John Braim, 16. Keith McIntyre.

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Heath Hehnly (Manheim, Pa.), 2. Mike Dicely, 3. Jesse Snyder, 4. Steve Whary, 5. Jeff Stelter, 6. Nick Wood, 7. David Holbrook, 8. Stan Fleming, 9. Tom Schearer, 10. Kameron Morral, 11. Zack Light, 12. Mike Duncan, 13. Scott Scholl, 14. Kevin Steele, 15. Hannah Riser, 16. Josh Mehring, 17. Sam Lamothe, 18. Jason Houtz, 19. Jim Young, 20. Jim Callahan, 21. Shane Lewis, 22. Tyler Walton, 23. Brett Widener, 24. Chad Vanhorn. DNQ: Paul Benfer, Travis Scott, Nathan Prazenica, Adam Nicholson, Zane Walter, Mike Rynard, Bret Cronrath, Chandler Leiby, Cheyenne Topper, Garrett Bard.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, October 5: Mini Stock, 4-Cyl. Thunder Car, Street Stock, Late Model, Super Stock.

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