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It’s Just Common Sense

To The Editor:

Yeah, yeah I know. Just about everybody’s minds are already made up and there is no way they’re gonna be swayed. According to the pollsters in a position to offer an informed guess, this election is going to be decided by those who honestly have not made a decision. So, you on the hard right or hard left look away. Read something else in the paper. I’m writing to “The Undecided.”

Somehow, it all seems to me to be a matter of just plain old-fashioned common sense. Most of us beyond the age of two didn’t need to be told not to touch the bright red elements on the electric stove, for instance. It was common sense. With that in mind, let’s put you in the shoes of a smart business man. You are now in a position to hire a bunch of people, rebuild an inventory and, yes, make some money. Or, you can keep your money in some sort of shelter to avoid taxes along with other efforts to simply take your money and “spread the wealth around.” One administration understands business and what you, the business man, is thinking. The other doesn’t seem to have a clue. Now the question is, under which administration would you turn the lights back on and hire folks who want jobs? Once again, common sense.

Applying that same concept, let’s suppose the most pressing and immediate problem at your house is credit card debt and because someone in the family has lost his job, you’re not sure if everyone will have enough to eat. Do you work on those problems first or, do you create a new healthcare program and force your family to abide by it? Sort of like putting a new battery in the car when it’s real problem is four flat tires, isn’t it? Common sense.

One more. Your neighbors hate you. They shoot at you, blow up your buildings, slaughter your pets and then laugh at you when you tell them you don’t care much for this behavior. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it other than they’re jealous of what you have or, they’re just plain nuts. Do you apologize for your existence and accomplishments, give them what they want and trust you can satisfy them? Or, because they are just plain nuts, do you establish that there are now serious consequences and you’ve had enough? Indeed, there was once a time when everyone thought twice about poking at the “sleeping giant.” Common sense dictated it was not a good idea.

It’s clear to most of us on this side of the fence that the other team is worried that you (the coveted “Undecided”) are smarter than they originally thought. Otherwise, why would the be fighting so hard in Pennsylvania to be allowed to include those who may not be eligible, in the voting process? Good ole’ fashioned common sense.

Pick a recent problem facing the country. Then take a good look at the solution. Did the solution actually solve the problem, or just advance an agenda? Or, did it simply gather votes from those who can’t see or don’t care about the inevitable downfall of the country, as long as they get theirs?

Bill Watson


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