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Path Valley Speedway

George Dixon Jr. started strongly in the 2012 season, winning the Late Model portion of the Big Kahuna series in April. But a blown engine just a few weeks later has kept him sidelined for most of the summer. Dixon returned Friday night to Path Valley Speedway and reaped immediate rewards.

Josh Walstrum dominated the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature. Walstrum took the lead from pole- sitter Tony Hampton on Lap 5 and was leading by half of a lap when the checkers fell. Hampton was second, followed by Dalton McQuade and Shaun Linn. Hampton won the heat race.

The Super Stock feature saw Curtis Guyer take the early lead from his secondplace starting position. Although Guyer was leading, his car was not turning well through the corners, and Terry Norris tracked him down and took the lead on Lap 9. Guyer continued the battle, and was able to pull to the inside as they approached a slower car. Norris got caught behind Shyann Bard and made contact, turning Bard into the outside wall on the frontstretch and sending Norris to the back of the field for the restart. Gary Dehart put the pressure on Guyer the final five laps, but could not complete the pass, following Guyer across the finish line. Adam Imes was right behind in third. Alex Boozel finished fourth in his second start, and Kenny Thomas was fifth in his first start at Path Valley. Heat race wins went to Devin Hart and Carl Miller.

George Dixon Jr. returned to Path Valley after missing several months but showed no issues from the time off. Dixon won his heat race, then started on the pole for the feature, and led all 25 laps for the win. The 15-car field was only slowed twice for caution, on Lap 2 for a spin by Tim Burkholder and on Lap 24 for debris on the track. Dixon was closely pursued by Wes Bonebrake as the leaders worked their way through lapped traffic. Several times Bonebrake got the nose of his race car inside and up to the door of Dixon through the center of the corner, but Dixon would get a better run exiting the turn and kept the lead. Bonebrake had several opportunities to “move” Dixon out of his way, but showed the respect for his fellow racer that is often lacking in today’s racing. Tim Smith also returned to Path Valley after missing most of the summer and brought his Ford powered machine home third. Danny Snyder and Mike Duck rounded out the top five. Steve Bailor won the other heat race.

Ronnie Garlock extended his point lead in the Mini Stock division by beating Gary Dehart and the rest of the 21- car field. Dehart started first and led the first five laps until Garlock made the winning pass on Lap 6. Third place was a three-car battle, with Travis Semple taking the spot just ahead of Bill Kennedy and Nathan Shaw. Heat race wins went to Steve Brown, Kennedy and Garlock.

The 15-car Street Stock field was led to the green flag by Mark Whitsel, but thirdplace starting Khi Swanger was in front before Lap 1 was complete. The red flag waved the next lap when Whitsel’s car climbed the backstretch wall and came to rest with the right side tires on top of the wall. Only two more cautions slowed the pace, and Swanger held off Dave Brown to lead all 20 laps for the win. Current point leader Ken Singer finished third, ahead of Randy Wible and Rich Swope. Singer and Ronnie Garlock posted heat race wins.

Powder Puff and “Mechanics” races capped off the night’s activities. Kevin Benedict won the 4-Cylinder Mechanics race, and Natasha Williamson won the 4- Cylinder Powder Puff event. Rob Keller won the 8- Cylinder Mechanics race, and Joanna Swope took the 8-Cylinder Powder Puff.

September 7 results

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Josh Walstrum (Fannettsburg), 2. Tony Hampton, 3. Dalton McQuade, 4. Shaun Linn.

Super Stock: 1. Curtis Guyer (James Creek), 2. Gary Dehart, 3. Adam Imes, 4. Alex Boozel, 5. Kenny Thomas, 6. Terry Norris, 7. Carl Miller, 8. Dennis Norris, 9. Austin Johnson, 10. Shyann Bard, 11. Devin Hart, 12. Rich Earhart.

Late Model: 1. George Dixon, Jr. (Huntingdon), 2. Wes Bonebrake, 3. Tim Smith, 4. Danny Snyder, 5. Mike D

Mini Stock: 1. Ronnie Garlock (Mapleton), 2. Gary Dehart, 3. Travis Semple, 4. Bill Kennedy, 5. Nathan Shaw, 6. Frank Gordon, 7. Matt Williamson, 8. Barry Welch, 9. Steve Brown, 10. Shane Seville, 11. Eric Grubb, 12. Chris Anderson, 13. Lyle Barnes, 14. Chase Shaw, 15. Eric Seibert, 16. Dylan Wilson, 17. Gerald Varner, 18. Mike Hawbaker, 19. Kurt Knepper.

Street Stock: 1. Khi Swanger (Mill Creek), 2. Dave Brown, 3. Ken Singer, 4. Randy Wible, 5. Rich Swope, 6. Ronnie Garlock, 7. Andy Swope, 8. Emory Covert, 9. Steve Harlan, 10. Ridge Bookwalter, 11. Wayne Hawbaker, 12. Mike Desch, 13. Mark Whitsel .

4- Cylinder Mechanics race: 1. Kevin Benedict, 2. Jarrod Myers, 3. Ed Van Pelt.

8- Cylinder Mechanics race: 1. Rob Keller, 2. Junior Guyer, 3. Steve Bard.

4-Cylinder Powder Puff: 1. Natasha Williamson, 2. Crystal Paisley, 3. Jean Rhodes.

8-Cylinder Powder Puff: 1. Joanna Swope, 2. Samantha Guyer, 3. Cheryl Bookwalter.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, September 14: Mini Stock, 4-Cyl. Thunder Car, Street Stock, and Super Stock.

Saturday, September 15: 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprint, Mini Stock, 4-Cyl. Thunder Car, Strictly Stock, and Classic Racing Series.

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