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County Hears Air Quality Update

Meets with Domestic Relations, Probation chief officers
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


Having received the results of recent air quality testing, the Fulton County commissioners sat down with the chief officers representing the Domestic Relations and Probation Offices to review the findings and lay out a plan of attack.

The commissioners presented Domestic Relations Director Deidi Ritz and Chief Probation Officer Dan Miller with a copy of the recommendations provided by Randall R. Leaman of Airborne Contamination Identification Associates Ltd. On behalf of the York-based company, Leaman said he was “pleased to report the air quality was found to be above normal in all areas sampled. There are no enhancement recommendations at this time.”

The testing by ACIA was performed after the county has experienced ongoing water infiltration in the below-ground floor occupied by Domestic Relations and Probation. In addition, several employees had reportedly been experiencing health issues.

In hearing the findings Tuesday afternoon, Chief Miller said the complaints he had been receiving from employees was that they felt fine at home. However, by the afternoon hours on work days they felt congested and were coughing more.

He said three individuals who had not normally been sick in the past were affected. Illness was limited to those three individuals, and symptoms have been lingering with two.

Furthermore, the matter had been discussed with Judge Douglas Herman, president judge of the Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

Craig Cutchall said he didn’t want to take anything away from these situations, but thought maybe the issues had to do more with the dampness over the summer months. He added the county is still looking into the moisture problem in their offices.

Business manager Tim Stanton had both the recommendation of ACIA as well as a more formal report that outlined the areas sampled and tested for a variety of issues such as mold, bacteria and carbon monoxide. He stated he interpreted the report as saying the air quality indoors was better than that tested outside. The samples came back with findings ranging from good and very good to excellent.

The documents are slated to be posted online in the event employees would need them for any future visits with doctors or specialists.

Stanton suggested, as a follow up, culture tests could be performed inside the walls of the office space to determine if there is moisture or mold present. He told the commissioners he would like to get a price for the tests to be performed.

Chief Clerk Dan Swain added work on the outside of the north end of the Neighborhood Services Center to alleviate water infiltration is forthcoming.

The commissioners went on to meet with Tom Morisi from Keller Engineers to discuss the three county-owned bridges located in Ayr, Thompson and Taylor townships. Morisi had solicited three quotes for proposed repaving work for the Taylor Township bridge, otherwise known as County Bridge #1. The commissioners accepted a quote from P&W Excavating in the matter.

Morisi also went into detail about a “plan of action” to address the “scour critical” bridge in Thompson. He noted that the velocity of the stream’s water has caused a scour or hole near the bridge’s one abutment. He will be preparing costs associated with this project for future budgeting purposes.

Meanwhile, the plan of action addresses what should be done in the event of high water or flooding. Morisi said should the plan be placed into action, the bridge would need inspected every 12 hours during flooding. That person would be responsible for closing the bridge if certain conditions exist such as water flow against the bottom of the bridge’s beams, debris pileup or movement with the bridge itself.

Either the county EMA director, a township EMA officer or a township supervisor could handle the task, it was noted.

Morisi said the bridges in Ayr and Taylor townships will at some point require a concrete desk replacement or a macadam replacement with waterproofing. Given the low volume of heavy truck traffic on the bridge, it was decided the macadam replacement with waterproofing would be sufficient.

Seleen Shives, Conservation District manager, reported her office is gearing up for the county Youth Ag Expo on October 2 at the Reed Englert farm in Knobsville. The county Farm Bureau covers transportation expenses associated with getting sixthgrade students to the event.

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