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More Info On How To Obtain Voter IDs

To the Editor:

The vast majority of our commonwealth’s voters has a Pennsylvania driver’s license and will simply show it to the election official at the poll on November 6 and obtain a ballot. Other acceptable forms of photo identification include a passport, military ID, municipal government employee ID and ID issued to residents of a Pennsylvania care facility or a Pennsylvania institution of higher learning. These IDs must have your name, a photograph and an expiration date.

For people who do not have one of these forms of identification, they can obtain a non-driver photo identification card from PennDOT that is generally accepted for a variety of purposes like cashing checks and transacting business, or a Department of State ID for Voting card, which will be accepted at the polls but will not be acceptable for other purposes.

The process and documentation to obtain these cards depends on your individual circumstances. You can get more information on this matter from the Pennsylvania Department of State through its Web site www.votesPA.com or by calling 1- 877-votesPA. Better yet, you can contact the Fulton County Elections office at 717-485-6872 or my office toll free at 1-866-509 EICH (3424).

The law was changed to protect the integrity of the election process. Make sure you are prepared before going to the polls this November. Several days may be required to complete a new identification card process. Please start that process well in advance of the election so that your vote counts!

Sen. John H.

Eichelberger Jr.

30th District

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