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Boro Reviews UMC Building Plans

Discusses “nuisance” properties
By Jean Snyder


McConnellsburg Borough Council met with Eugene Stenger and Architect John M. High of William A. Brindle Associates to review new building plans for the United Methodist Church of Mc- Connellsburg at their regular monthly meeting last Wednesday evening.

High showed council members plans for a new fellowship hall to be built south of the church where the former parsonage is located along North Second Street. The old brick parsonage building will be razed. Although the building will have an 8,300-square-foot footprint, it may be two stories, according to High.

The new building will be connected to the church, according to the plans.

High discussed stormwater plans for the new building and parking lot, saying they will have 32,000-40,000 gallons of water to contain and that with their containment plan there will be approximately the same or less runoff. According to Stenger, the new building will be steel-framed with brick casing.

Council tentatively approved the plan although there is no start date for the project, and it will be bid out at a later date.

Council continued its discussion on various properties in the borough that are in violation of the weed ordinance. Properties at the intersections of Third and North streets and of Third and Market streets as well as two properties on Lincoln Way East were specifically discussed and borough secretary Jack Fields was instructed to send letters to the property owners asking for their cooperation in cleanup.

Other business

During other business, Fields reported that he has asked the county planner to have the replacement of the boroughís Third Street bridge to be put on the12- year transportation plan. In order to do that, the bridge would have to be built to state specifications. Although the bridge has been inspected by Keller Engineers, council voted to retain the engineering company to do a second inspection based on state specification.

Fields also reported that in order to use CDBG funds for the curb cuts in the borough, council is required to provide PennDOT with a $35,000 letter of credit to insure the work is completed. Council agreed and the bids for the work will be advertised in the fall, with work to begin in the spring.

Fields also reported that due to the bad economy, council will be permitted to pay 75 percent of what is owed to the police pension fund for a period of up to three years. The plan is a deferred payment that would eventually have to be paid. For example, the borough will owe $7,691 to the plan in 2013 and could pay just $6,708. Council voted to deny the offer and to continue paying 100 percent of the amount due each year.

Council members discussed two pit bull dogs at a residence at the corner of Third and Market streets. Council has received reports that their owner no longer lives there and their welfare is unknown at this time. Council voted to contact the dog law enforcement officer.

Old business

During old business, council voted to advertise its subdivision and zoning ordinances with a plan to vote on both at their October meeting

Council also noted that the barrier to the sidewalk adjacent to the post office on Maple Street has now been removed in accordance with the borough’s request.

Regular Business

During regular business, council voted to pay August bills in the amount of $5,991.07. Revenues for the same period were $21,940.63. Checks were written for $9,719.78 leaving a September 1 balance of $53,354.

Council members present were Travis Bard, David Washa-baugh, Pat Booth, Pat Frazier, Jim Smith, Rick Buterbaugh, Mack Shaffer and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

The council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the firehall. Next regular meeting is October 3, 2012.

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