2012-09-06 / Sports

Hart Repeats At Path Valley

Four divisions took to the high banks of Path Valley Speedway Friday night, including Mini Stocks, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks.

Travis Semple set the early pace in the Mini Stock feature, leading the first 11 laps. Gary Dehart took over the top spot on Lap 12, and Mark Grove passed Semple for second the next lap. Dehart kept Grove about two car lengths behind the remaining distance to claim the win. Shane Sixeas also got past Semple to get third, while Frankie Gordon finished fifth. Sixeas and Dehart won the heat races.

It took Jeremy Ott five laps to wrestle the lead from Nathan Shaw in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature. Once Ott had cleared Shaw he set sail, winning the nonstop event by half a lap. Shaw finished second, ahead of John Rasp, Tony Hampton and Shaun Linn. Ott also won the heat race.

The Super Stock race was next and featured a side-byside duel for the lead that lasted 10 laps. Carl Miller and Devin Hart started on the front row, and Hart got the advantage at the drop of the green. The only caution came on Lap 4 when Adam Yetter’s engine let go and he could not make it completely into the pit area. On the restart Hart pulled slightly ahead, but Miller started to close back in, looking to the inside while Hart ran the high groove. The two leaders ran door-to-door for the next 10 laps, swapping the lead in almost every turn and officially three times at the finish line. As the leaders approached the tail end of the field, it became obvious that traffic could determine the winner. For Miller 2012 has been one of those seasons that if it can go wrong, it will. Hart went to the outside of Tony Verno going through Turn 4, and Miller tried to go to his inside. Miller made contact with Verno as he tried to go by, letting Hart pull away by four car lengths. Hart led the rest of the way to get his second career win and second in a row. Miller maintained second for his best finish this year, followed by Adam Imes, Curtis Guyer, and Kenny Hill. Miller and Hart also won the heat races.

In the Street Stock feature Greg Moore was driving the proverbial “rocket ship.” Right at the start the right front of Moore’s hood started to bend up and kept getting worse by the lap. When the caution waved on Lap 5, Moore had had enough and went to the pits where his crew removed the hood and sent him back out. This put Moore at the back of the 12- car field. While Dave Brown and Mark Whitsel swapped the lead back-and-forth, Moore was picking up a position or two every lap. Moore found the high groove to his liking and drove around Whitsel for second and then around Brown for the lead. Moore held off Brown the final four laps for the win. Current point leader Ken Singer finished third, ahead of Steve Lowery and Whitsel. Heat race wins went to Moore and Singer.

Mini Stock: 1. Gary Dehart (Waynesboro), 2. Mark Grove, 3. Shane Sixeas, 4. Travis Semple, 5. Frankie Gordon, 6. Chase Shaw, 7. Eric Grubb, 8. Matt Williamson, 9. Eric Seibert, 10. Bill Kennedy, 11. Chris Anderson, 12. Kurt Knepper, 13. Frank Gordon, 14. Dave Friedrich, 15. Dylan Wilson, 16. Korey Washinger, 17. Ronnie Garlock.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Nathan Shaw, 3. John Rasp, 4. Tony Hampton, 5. Shaun Linn.

Super Stock: 1. Devin Hart (Port Royal), 2. Carl Miller, 3. Adam Imes, 4. Curtis Guyer, 5. Kenny Hill, 6. Joe Daywalt, 7. Rich Earhart, 8. Austin Johnson, 9. Gary Dehart, 10. Tony Verno, 11. Adam Yetter, 12. Charlie Maneth, 13. Alex Boozel.

Street Stock: 1. Greg Moore (Defiance), 2. Dave Brown, 3. Ken Singer, 4. Steve Lowery, 5. Mark Whitsel, 6. Ronnie Garlock, 7. Josh Gustaf, 8. Kenny Gearhart, 9. Shawn Gill, 10. Ridge Bookwalter, 11. Steve Harlan, 12. Khi Swanger.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, September 7: Mini Stock-4-Cyl. Thunder-Street Stock-Late Model- Super Stock PLUS Powder Puff and Mechanics races.

Saturday, September 8: 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprint- Mini Stock-4-Cyl. Thunder- Strictly Stock.

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