2012-09-06 / Family

Farm Bureau Helps Lead Nation In Promoting New Book Program

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s State Women’s Leadership Committee announced that a new program designed to encourage children to learn more about where their food comes from has been a huge success. Members of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau purchased 1,449 books, which is more than any other state Farm Bureau participating in the FARM-tastic book program.

The featured children’s book is entitled “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? The Story of Food.” The book, written by Chris Butterworth, was the recipient of the 2012 Book of the Year award from the American Farm Bureau Federation. The majority of the books bought by farmers are then donated to daycare centers, public libraries, elementary schools and other learning facilities.

Farmers from the Fulton County Farm Bureau purchased 13 books to be donated to locations where children have easy access to them.

Farm Bureau’s featured book begins with children looking at the food in their lunchboxes and asking, “So where did it come from before it was in the store?” The storyline continues to show the reader where each item of a healthy lunch is grown, processed and shipped to stores. It highlights many different agricultural areas including dairy, fruits, vegetables, poultry, grains and meats. The story concludes with a food fact sheet encouraging children to drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and be active for at least an hour a day.

“County Farm Bureau members, who purchased the book ad promoted its use in the community, deserve the credit for the success of this eductional outreach program. The FARM-tastic book program is a prime example of how county and state Women’s Leadership Committee aims to teach children where their food comes from and tell the story of agriculture starting at a young age,” said PFB State Women’s Leadership Committee Chair Susan Carns.

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