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In Memory


In loving memory of Edna A. Sipes, Aug. 15, 1939 - Aug. 23, 2010

Words can’t begin to describe how much you are missed. Every day that passes, the memory of your smile, love and strength keep us going. You had a special gift that your grandkids and great-grandkids will cherish forever. The first person they always searched out was Grandma and from the time they found you, they wouldn’t let you go. You were very special to them and to all of us as well.

Loved and dearly missed by all,

Your loving family


In loving memory of Floyd Snyder: Parting comes and hearts are broken Loved ones go with words unspoken We miss you more than anyone knows As time goes by This emptiness grows The tears we shed are wiped away The ache in our hearts Is here to stay.

Missed by

Mom, sisters and families

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