2012-08-23 / Letters

Proud To Be A Fulton County Native

To The Editor:

Something happened last week that makes me proud to say I’m from Fulton County.

Last Thursday evening I was all over the fairgrounds. We checked out the Civil War exhibit first, entertaining and educational. Then off to the truck and tractor pulls, some quite tame (JD putt-puttputt), others almost scary ferocious. (Can you steer when your front tires are airborne?) I never saw so many bunny rabbits in the same place as down in the livestock barns. Then I bought six raffle tickets for the quilting club’s beautiful quilt. I sure hope I win ‘cause my wife likes quilts and she was working while I went to the fair with my buddy, Johnny. Somewhere on the fairgrounds property I lost my cellphone.

Later, about 10:30 or so, I’m home in Chambersburg and I get a phone call on my home phone from Pat Bard at the fairgrounds office. Someone had turned in my lost cellphone to the office. Anonymous Person: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Pat must watch too much CSI. He had no idea who owned the cellphone as my name was not on it anywhere, so he scrolled down the contacts list and saw “Home,” then pressed send (“brilliant” as the Brits say). Pat then told me he would be in Chambersburg the next morning and offered to drop it off where I was working. Pat stopped by with my phone as promised, and I got to meet a friendly, interesting guy with many talents other than being a good investigator. My thanks again to Pat and the kind and thoughtful person who found my phone and promptly turned it in.

C. Robin Kendall,


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