2012-08-23 / Church News



I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for making our benefit a night that I will always remember.

Words cannot express how much everyone’s kind words meant to me. It was an amazing feeling to know that our community is one that can come together in me and my family’s time of need and show their support.

Everyone’s generosity and support is something that will stick with me forever and especially as our transplant date approaches.

I also would like to thank those that were not in attendance but still took the time to pass on encouragement and donations to us.

Once again thank you everyone for your support and please keep my uncle and myself in your thoughts and prayes as October 2 approaches.

My sincerest thanks and appreciation,

Matthew Hill


A special thank-you to everyone: family and friends alike, for all the love and support and help you gave to Aunt Mary during the last 18 months of her illness and life.

Your kindness was appreciated I know by Aunt Mary as well as the entire family.

I would also like to offer a very special thanks to the Fulton County Medical Center, especially the nurses who tended to Aunt Mary her last night with us. Above and beyond, ladies! You did the hospital proud with your exceptional kindness and caring for Aunt Mary and for her family.

Special thanks to Pastor John and Pastor Bill for always being there. Again thank you all and God bless.

Keith, Loren and Shirley Barclay

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