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Path Valley Speedway Results

Snyder And Morgan Split Late Model Wins
By Rob Keller

The Late Model feature on July 13 was rained out and rescheduled for August 3. This brought the night’s racing up to seven features, two for the Late Models.

The makeup feature for the Late Models was the first event of the evening. Ralph Morgan led from the start of the race until he pulled over and stopped on Lap 18. Brad Kling led the next two laps, but Danny Snyder powered around Kling using the high groove to take the lead. Snyder held off Kling the last five laps to record his third win of the year. Third through fifth went to Wes Bonebrake, Steve Bailor and Brian Lessley.

Adam Yetter scored another win in the Super Stocks, leading all but the first lap for the win. Craig Imes stayed close in second, but was never able to mount a serious challenge. Curtis Guyer and Carl Miller battled for third until Miller spun out with four laps to go. Guyer then held off Adam Imes to finish third, with Miller recovering to finish fifth. Heat race wins went to Yetter and Guyer.

One of the most exciting races of the night was the Mini Stock feature. Chris Anderson grabbed the lead on Lap 1 with Eric Seibert right behind. Seibert kept making attempts to pass on the inside, with Anderson regaining the lead using the high groove. Seibert finally completed the pass on Lap 15, but his car was starting to lose grip. As Seibert tried to protect the bottom, Anderson used the high groove to make the winning pass, and Mark Grove followed right behind Anderson to take second. Anderson led Grove across the line. Travis Semple passed Seibert on the final lap. Anderson then failed post-race inspection, giving the win to Grove. With the disqualification, second through fifth went to Semple, Seibert, Dave Bookwalter and Bill Kennedy. Semple and Seibert won the heat races.

A wreck in the first turn of the second Late Model feature involving the front row starters and three other cars left Ralph Morgan on the front row for the restart. As in the first feature, Morgan led the way from the drop of the green. This time nothing got in his way, leading all 25 laps for the win. Michael Altobelli put in a strong second place finish, ahead of Danny Snyder, Wes Bonebrake and Brad Kling. Heat race victories went to Donnie Farlling and Rance Garlock.

Dave Brown returned to victory lane in the Street Stock feature for the first time in 2012. Brown caught race leader Ronnie Garlock near halfway. They swapped the lead back and forth for two laps until Brown was able to pull away. Chris Edwards also got by Garlock to finish second, with Khi Swanger fourth and Josh Gustaf fifth. Brown and Greg Moore won the heat races.

Bob Stough took the lead from John Kerchner on Lap 2 of the Legend Car feature and stayed in control the rest of the way to claim his second win this season. Chris Spidle put in one of his best performances at Path Valley, coming home second. Bill Diehl finished third, ahead of Scott Houdeshell and Rick Miller. Diehl and Houdeshell were the heat race winners.

Dalton McQuade won his second feature in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car division. McQuade started second and drove around polesitter Justin Rasp at the start. Rasp hounded McQuade the entire distance, even pulling alongside on the final straightaway, only to come up about three feet short at the finish line. Tony Hampton finished third, ahead of Nathan Shaw and Chase Shaw. Rasp won the heat race.

August 3 Results

Late Model ( makeup from 7/13): 1. Danny Snyder (Green Lane, Pa.), 2. Brad Kling, 3. Wes Burkholder, 4.Steve Bailor, 5. Brian Lessley, 6. James O’Hara, 7. John Welch, 8. Dave Yoder, 9.Ralph Morgan, 10. Tim Burkholder, 11. Rance Garlock, 12. Donnie Farlling, 13. Kenny Yoder, 14. Bob Dunn DNS: Michael Altobelli, Randy Burkholder, Ronnie Bottenfield, Tim Fedder

Lap leaders: Ralph Morgan (1-17), Brad Kling (18- 19), Danny Snyder (20-25)

Super Stock: 1. Adam Yetter (East Waterford, Pa.), 2. Craig Imes, 3. Curtis Guyer, 4. Adam Imes, 5. Carl Miller, 6. Ray Duffy, 7. Rich Earhart, 8. Austin Johnson, 9. Devin Hart DNS: Kenny Hill

Lap leaders: Devin Hart (1), Adam Yetter (2-20)

Heats: Adam Yetter, Curtis Guyer

Mini Stock: 1. Mark Grove ( Chambersburg, Pa.), 2. Travis Semple, 3. Eric Seibert, 4. David Bookwalter, 5. Bill Kennedy, 6. Dylan Wilson, 7. Tim Williamson, 8. Korey Washinger, 9. Travis Semple, 10. Eric Grubb, 11. Ronnie Garlock DQ: Chris Anderson

Lap leaders: Chris Anderson (1-14, 18-20), Eric Seibert (15-17)

Heats: Travis Semple, Eric Seibert

Late Model: 1. Ralph Morgan ( Hill Valley, Pa.), 2. Michael Altobelli, 3. Danny Snyder, 4. Wes Bonebrake, 5. Brad Kling, 6. Randy Burkholder, 7. Rance Garlock, 8. Brian Lessley, 9. Steve Bailor, 10. Barry Welch, 11. Donnie Farlling, 12. James O’Hara, 13. Kenny Yoder DNS: Bob Dunn, Tim Burkholder, Dave Yoder, Davey Dunkle

Lap leaders: Ralph Morgan (1-25)

Heats: Donnie Farlling, Rance Garlock

Street Stock: 1. Dave Brown (Hopewell, Pa.), 2. Chris Edwards, 3. Ronnie Garlock, 4. Khi Swanger, 5. Josh Gustaf, 6. Steve Harlan, 7. Taylor Farlling, 8. Ridge Bookwalter, 9. Greg Moore, 10. Mark Whitsel DNS: Ken Singer

Lap leaders: Ronnie Garlock (1-9, 11), Dave Brown (10, 12-20)

Heats: Dave Brown, Greg Moore

Legend: 1. Bob Stough (East Berlin, Pa.), 2. Chris Spidle, 3. Bill Diehl, 4. Scott Houdeshell, 5. Rick Miller, 6. Randy Fetterolf, 7. Greg Marty, 8. Scott Gobrecht, 9. Brad Mellott, 10. Chris Transeau, 11. Vernon Houseman, 12. John Kerchner, 13. Ed Trump, 14. Chad Earnst, 15. Randy Minich, 16. Harlon Leppo, 17. Dave Miller, 18. David Miller, 19. Jacob Feltch

Lap leaders: John Kerchner (1), Bob Stough (2-20)

Heats: Bill Diehl, Scott Houdeshell

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Dalton McQuade (Mc- Connellsburg, Pa.), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Tony Hampton, 4. Nathan Shaw, 5. Chase Shaw, 6. Robert McQuade, 7. Shaun Linn DNS: Kyle Leitch

Lap leaders: Dalton Mc- Quade (1-16, 18-20), Justin Rasp (17)

Heat: Justin Rasp

Coming up next weekend:

Friday, August 10: 4- Cylinder Thunder Car, Late Model, Street Stock, Super Stock and a kid’s bike race

Saturday, Saturday, August 11: 4-Cylinder Thunder Car, Mini Stock, 270cc and 600cc Micro Sprint, Strictly Stock Williams Grove, Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedways was rained out.

Tommy Armel became the 12th different late model winner this season at Winchester Speedway with a win Saturday night over Keith Jackson, Kenny Pettyjohn, David Pettyjohn and Trever Feathers.

That’s a wrap for another week. Several PA Posse members are in Knoxville, Iowa this week for the Nationals. Until next time, email reaches me at


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