2012-08-09 / Letters

How Much Power Do We Give The Government Concerning Our Health And Welfare?

Dear Editor:

Mr. Politis’ letter in your August 2, 2012, issue argues the details of “Obamacare’’ but fails to cover the fundamental argument concerning the law. As is too often the case, we become involved with the details when what should be up for discussion are the fundamental principles violated by the law. Our attention should be focused on the question, “How much power should we, the citizens of the USA, allow the government to exercise over our individual health and welfare?”

In small increments, starting even before World War II, we have imprisoned precious individual freedoms for the sake of economic security. One by one these invasions of self determination of our fates have succeeded in making us increasingly dependent on government largesse until now, the cell door has shut with the clang of “Obamacare.’’

I don’t know if this juggernaught can be stopped, but we must all understand what we are surrendering. In this case the “Devil is in the details’’ is a distraction from the overwhelming larger picture.

Joseph Zamoyta


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