2012-08-02 / Letters

Don’t Ditch Kittens, Puppies

To The Editor:

The five kittens that a thoughtless person dumped out on Taylor Road, close to Hustontown, were found!

The kittens were left on one of those days when it was 100 degrees or more. The person who did this could have at least “dumped” a pan of water and food out for them, to help them through the heat.

I hope whoever did this never gets lost in the woods without food or water.

There are other options out there: try getting the female cat spayed. Also, there are some programs that will assist with cats and dogs getting spayed and neutered, get educated.

God gave us animals to enjoy and be a part of our family and they depend on people to care for them.

Stop the dumping of cats (kittens) and dogs (puppies) and help give them a life they also deserve.

Linda Ramsey,


Concerned for animal welfare

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