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Path Valley Speedway Results

By Rob Keller

Two days of rain returned the moisture and traction to the clay surface of Path Valley Speedway. This gave the racers a chance to run their cars all-out, providing a high speed show for the fans.

The 270cc Micro Sprints started the night’s events. Jerry Palm started second, took the lead on Lap 1, and was still leading when the caution flag waved on Lap 15. Sean McAndrew started ninth, was into second on Lap 5, but was still several car lengths behind before the caution on Lap 15. Josh Stoyer started last in the 18- car field, but had quickly worked toward the front, moving into third on Lap 8. On the restart McAndrew worked around Palm for the winning pass and Stoyer also got by for second. At the finish the top five were McAndrew, Stoyer, Palm, Colby Dice and Gary Keister. Heat race wins went to Levi Peck and McAndrew.

Jeremy Ott remains undefeated in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars in 2012. Ott won the heat race, then started last in the eight-car field, and was already into the lead by Lap 4, winning by nearly a full straightaway. Raymond Middaugh finished second, the only driver to stay close. Third through fifth went to Jeremy Moore, Tony Hampton, and Kyle Martin.

Gary Dehart took the lead from Chris Anderson on Lap 3 of the Mini Stock feature and led the rest of the way for the win. Second through fifth went to Ronnie Garlock, Travis Semple, Phil Boden and Eric Seibert. Seibert and Garlock were heat race winners.

Troy Rhone led the first half of the 600cc Micro Sprint feature, giving up the lead to Chandler Leiby on Lap 11. On the same lap Timmie Barrick also went by Rhone for second. The race pace was then slowed with two cautions and a red flag in the next two laps. The red flag was waving when Jim Young flipped after making contact with Rhone in Turn 2. After the red flag the race went nonstop, with Leiby pulling away for his second win of the season. Barrick continued his strong year with another second place. Third went to Rhone, fourth was Frankie Peters and Tanner Hunsicker finished fifth. Heat wins went to Barrick and Devin Beidel.

Justin Williamson continued his dominance of the 4-Cylinder Strictly Stock division, winning the heat race and leading all 20 laps for the feature win. Gage Whitsel appeared to have a quicker car, and was right behind Williamson until he slowed and went to the pits with two laps to go. Gary “Peanut Man” Guise scored another second place finish, leading Shaun Fessler, Matthew Duvall and Steven Jacobs across the line.

Aaron Frehn made his first-ever start in a race car memorable, leading Doug Guise all 20 laps to claim the win in the 6-Cylinder Strictly Stocks.

Greg Moore ended Ken Singer’s wining streak at six races in the Street Stock feature. Moore started on the pole and kept a comfortable lead while there was a fierce battle for second. Josh Gustaf was holding off Singer and Dave Brown for second until Brown got by on Lap 10. One lap later Gustaf spun to the infield in Turn 1, and Brown retired to the pits during the caution period. The race went caution-free after that, and Moore pulled away by several car lengths for the win. Singer finished second, ahead of Rich Swope, Boyd Brode and Gustaf. Moore and Gustaf also won the heat races.

July 21 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Josh Stoyer, 3. Jerry Palm, 4. Colby Dice, 5. Gary Keister, 6. Jason Houtz, 7. Cody Hackenberry, 8. Mark Mehalick, 9. Cory Thornton, 10. Eric Forsythe, 11. Mike Sherman, 12. Dave Hollar, 13. Daryl Beakler, 14. Brian Marriott, 15. Levi Peck, 16. Chad Thomas, 17. Don Roush DNS: Bob Brubaker.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Raymond Middaugh, 3. Jeremy Moore, 4. Tony Hampton, 5. Kyle Martin, 6. Dalton McQuade, 7. Chas Clouser, 8. Justin Bucher.

Mini Stock: 1. Gary Dehart (Waynesboro), 2. Ronnie Garlock, 3. Travis Semple, 4. Phil Boden, 5. Eric Seibert, 6. Jodie Varner, 7. Rusty Garlock, 8. Kurt Knepper, 9. Frankie Gordon, 10. Chris Anderson, 11. Shaun Patterson, 12. Matt William-son .

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Chandler Leiby (Carlisle), 2. Timmie Barrick, 3. Troy Rhone, 4. Frankie Peters, 5. Tanner Hunsicker, 6. Hannah Riser, 7. Devin Beidel, 8. Gunnar Layton, 9. Mike Duncan, 10. Mike Rynard, 11. Donavon Felker, 12. Mark Hahn, 13. Danny Crum, 14. Jim Young, 15. Cheyenne Topper.

4- Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Justin Williamson (Orbisonia), 2. Gary Guise, 3. Shaun Fessler, 4. Matthew Duvall, 5. Steven Jacobs, 6. Gage Whitsel, 7. Nathan Woolley.

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: Aaron Frehn (Orbisonia), 2. Doug Guise.

Street Stock: 1. Greg Moore (Defiance, Pa.), 2. Ken Singer, 3. Rich Swope, 4. Boyd Brode, 5. Josh Gustaf, 6. Bridge, Bookwalter, 7. Shane Rickenbaugh, 8. Dave Brown, 9. Khi Swanger, 10. Chris Edwards Jr.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, July 27: Mini-Thunder V8 Street-Legends-Late Model-V8 Super + Mini makeup.

Saturday, July 28: 270- Mini-Thunder-600-Classic Vintage-4 and 6 Cyl SS.

Sunday, July 29: (5:00): Micro Sprint (combined 270 & 600)-Slingshot.

Sunday, July 29: (7:00): 410 Sprint-Speedstr

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