2012-07-26 / Local & State

Raffle Winners

Following is a list of winners from Boy Scout Troop
45 raffle drawing:
Hope chest: Bob Stotler.
50 cal. Muzzleloader: G
Quilt rack: Chris Bishop. Pampered Chef gift:
Kelli Cordell.
Mulch: Seth Peters.
Massage: Mike Hann.
Acupuncture: Leon
Fishing pole and tackle
box: Dr. Millroth.
Giant certificate: Tim
PA State Inspection:
Evelyn Powell and Brent
Pedicure: Jan Thoms.
Hershey’s ice cream
cake: Mary Jane Leck.
John Deere die- cast
truck: Josh Beale.
F&M folding chair with
cup: Ed Winfield.
Cookie platter: Elner
Candy/peanut dispenser:
Wendy Gomes.
Haircuts: Joe Delph,
Donna Beale, Glen Hiller
and Mark Remsburg.

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