2012-07-26 / Local & State

Patrons Flee Pa. After Fight During Batman Movie

WEST HOMESTEAD, Pa. (AP) – Police say nobody was arrested when a fight broke out during a Pittsburgh area showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” prompting audience members to flee the theater.

Homestead police Chief Jeffrey DeSimone says his officers were called to handle crowd control at the AMC Loews Waterfront 22 theater during the incident shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday. DeSimone suspects patrons ran out of the theater because they were a little “jumpy” in the wake of a shooting that left 12 dead during a midnight premiere of the movie last week in Aurora, Colo.

A spokesman for Atlantabased AMC says the film was stopped due to a “minor altercation” outside the movie theater which prompted some customers inside to rush the exit. Others were asked to leave calmly and all were given free passes to return at a later date.

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