2012-07-26 / Local & State

Lawyer Wants Pa. Russian Roulette Case In Juvenile Court

EVERETT, Pa. (AP) – The defense attorney for a Pennsylvania teen charged in a fatal Russian roulette shooting says he’ll try to get the case moved to juvenile court, but otherwise has no comment.

For now, 15-year-old Cole Mc- Conoughey (mik-KON-ah-hee) of West Providence Township remains charged as an adult with aggravated assault in Bedford County for the shooting at his home shortly before 2 a.m. Friday.

That’s when troopers from the Everett barracks say McConoughey pointed the weapon at the head of his friend, 15-yearold Neal Hammond, and fired. Hammond died several hours later.

Police say Hammond and a third teen, who brought the gun and bullets to McConoughey’s home, were there for a sleepover. Police say the boys were playing with the gun before McConoughey loaded a bullet, spun the .38 revolver’s chamber, and fired the gun against Hammond’s head.

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