2012-07-26 / Local & State

Cat Survives 2 Days In Everglades After Car Wreck

MIAMI (AP) – For two days, the 11-year- old cat stayed alive in the Everglades, barely moving from the accident site where it was ejected from his owners' minivan.

Nikki Saltzburg and her family were moving from California to Miami, when they collided with another car on Interstate 75 on Monday. Saltzburg's minivan hit a tree. When she looked over at the passenger seat where Sam the cat's crate had been, it was empty. The crate had smashed through the window. She saw the broken crate in the grass, but Sam had already scampered off.

Saltzburg was bleeding from multiple cuts. Her wife, Mara had suffered a fractured pelvis and needed to go to the hospital. Their infant son was not harmed. But there was no time to search for the cat. Saltzburg was devastated. The family was still reeling from the death of their dog Hershey, who died suddenly in March.

Sam has been a great “napping buddy” who occasionally develops a mischievous streak, Saltzburg said.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that word of Sam's disappearance quickly spread and animal advocates stepped in.

Animal advocate Camille Loge posted about Sam's disappearance on Facebook and Craigslist. And a search party discussed going back to the accident site to look for the missing cat.

Kathleen Sullivan, who works at the Brigid's Crossing Foundation cat sanctuary in Naples, drove out to the site with her husband Wednesday and found the cat waiting in some bushes near the scene of the accident.

“With everything that's out there, the snakes, gators and turkey vultures, I'm shocked that he survived,” Loge added.

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