2012-07-26 / Local & State

BDAL Helps Save Poisoned Cats


In what’s being called “nothing less than a miracle,” a mother cat and her three kittens were brought back from near death by poisoning last week through the efforts of Better Days Animal League (BDAL) and a local veterinarian

BDAL humane police officer Jeff Bliss responded to a call that a mother cat and her kittens had been poisoned in McConnellsburg. Bliss found the cat and two of her kittens unresponsive and the other kitten showing signs of distress. He placed a call to Dr. Lisa Doherty of the Needmore Veterinary Clinic, who offered her services.

While awaiting Bliss’ arrival, Dr. Doherty called the Poison Hotline and was preparing for the emergency. Upon initial examination, the mother cat and one kitten showed no visible signs of life, and their heartbeats were so weak they could not be detected. However, as the vet was examining the other two kittens, she saw a sign of life in the mother cat and immediately began administering drugs to combat the poison in all of the animals.

The next day, the mother cat and one of her kittens responded to the treatment and seemed well on the road to recovery. The other two kittens were still critical, with one in a coma and the other suffering neurological damage that paralyzed her hind end. With continued treatment from Doherty, one kitten came out of its coma and the other kitten is beginning to walk again.

“It’s been a harrowing week for us and for these little guys,” says Dennis Bumbaugh, CEO of BDAL, “but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome in this case. Four little lives have been saved and, hopefully, we’ll find good homes for all of them.”

If you are interested in adopting one of these “miracle cats” or making a donation to assist in their care, please call BDAL at 866-493-3590.

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