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Path Valley Speedway Results

Newlin Wins First In 305 Sprints
By Rob Keller

Over the off-season the Newlin family racing operation decided to switch from 600cc Micro Sprints to the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprints. Lance Newlin has adapted to driving the bigger cars quickly, and now has a victory in only his eighth start.

The 270cc Micro Sprint feature got things under way after a delay during intermission to repair some wiring to the track lights. Mike Boyer started second, beat polesitter Darrell Troxell to the first turn, and was in complete control the entire 20 laps for his first win at Path Valley. Ken Duke slipped past Brent Bull with one lap to go to finish second. Levi Peck finished fourth, and Colby Dice rallied from an early incident to finish fifth.

A rain shower then hit the speedway as the 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars were completing Lap 1. After the rain stopped and the track was dried, it was decided to run the 600cc Micro Sprint feature next. Mike Rynard started first in the 11-car field and set the pace for the first six laps. Jimmy Brookens started sixth, but a few laps into the race he found his car liked the top groove and he started moving to the front. Brookens went around Rynard on Lap 7 and drove away, leading by half of a lap at the finish. Rynard posted his best finish of the year, holding off Jim Young for second. Timmie Barrick came from 10th to finish fourth and Kevin Nouse came from last to fifth.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature then restarted with one lap in and Justin Rasp leading the way. Kyle Martin stayed right behind Rasp, and when Rasp bobbled slightly Martin seized the lead on Lap 8. Rasp stayed close to Martin and regained the lead on Lap 15. Rasp then pulled away to win by a few car lengths. Dalton McQuade finished right behind the leaders in third, ahead of Jeremy Moore and Robert Mc- Quade. Raymond Middaugh won the heat race, but had mechanical issues and could not make the start of the feature.

Kevin Thomas made his first start of 2012 at Path Valley and looked to be in midseason form, first winning the heat race, and then leading all 20 laps of the Mini Stock feature. Eric Seibert was right behind Thomas the first 10 laps, but faded a few car lengths back over the second half and finished second. Ronnie Garlock was well behind in third, and only three cars finished the race. Rusty Garlock was credited for fourth and Travis Semple fifth.

Lance Newlin was making only his eighth start in the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint cars. Newlin started on the pole, beat veteran Randy Kaylor to Turn 1, and then drove an error-free race, leading all 20 laps for his first win in this division. Eric Parker stayed close early, but struggled the last 10 laps and just held off Mark Watkins for second. Logan Wagner and Tyler Bear were right behind Watkins, finishing fourth and fifth.

The last event of the evening was the Sidewinder Sprint feature. Brandon Yarlett and Seth Kearchner started first and second and were still that way the first 12 laps. Jim Young was not far behind in third, and around Lap 10 he discovered traction in the high groove. Young drove around Kearchner for second on Lap 13 and four laps later did the same to Yarlett for the lead. At the finish the top five were Young, Yarlett, Kearchner, Jason Stahl and Mike Zielonis.

July 14 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Mike Boyer (Annville, Pa.), 2. Ken Duke, 3. Brent Bull, 4. Levi Peck, 5. Colby Dice, 6. Darrell Troxell, 7. Jason Houtz, 8. Jerry Palm, 9. Cameron Engelhart, 10. Eric Forsythe, 11. Ben Houtz, 12. Donald Werner, 13. Dave Hollar, 14. Mike Sherman, 15. Don Roush, 16. Cory Myers.

600cc Micro Sprint: 1. Jimmy Brookens (Shippensburg), 2. Mike Rynard, 3. Jim Young, 4. Timmie Barrick, 5. Kevin Nouse, 6. Gunnar Layton, 7. Devin Beidel, 8. Alex Potosky, 9. Jake Hummel, 10. Geoff Gill, 11. Kameron Morral.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Justin Rasp (McConnellsburg), 2. Kyle Martin, 3. Dalton McQuade, 4. Jeremy Moore, 5. Robert McQuade. Lap Leaders: Justin Rasp (1- 7, 15-20), Kyle Martin (8-14).

Mini Stock: 1. Kevin Thomas (St. Thomas), 2. Eric Seibert, 3. Ronnie Garlock, 4. Rusty Garlock, 5. Travis Semple, 6. Matt Williamson.

305 Sprint: 1. Lance Newlin (Millerstown), 2. Eric Parker, 3. Mark Watkins, 4. Logan Wagner, 5. Tyler Bear, 6. Keith McIntyre, 7. Paul Snyder, 8. Tyler Reeser, 9. Alex Schanz, 10. Tim Dietz, 11. Randy Kaylor, 12. Eric Mathiot.

Sidewinder Sprint: 1. Jim Young (Johnstown), 2. Brandon Yarlett, 3. Seth Kearchner, 4. Jason Stahl, 5. Mike Zielonis, 6. Keith Ford, 7. Brad Smith, 8. Reed Salony, 9. Donnie Hendersho.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, July 20: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks.

Saturday, July 21: 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks.

When rain forced the postponement of five features from June 29, Path Valley management made a bold decision to run all five makeup features in one night. This meant the spectators would be given 10 features in just one night. Unfortunately, rain came again and the last two events have been postponed until July 27.

Kenny Hill led all 20 laps of the makeup Super Stock feature, for his first win in that class. Hill was pressured by Adam Imes the entire way as the top five were bumper-to-bumper for most of the event. Third thru fifth went to Curtis Guyer, Adam Yetter, and Devin Hart.

Only two cars were present for the Street Stock make-up feature, and Kenny Singer claimed the win over Josh Gustaf.

Jeremy Ott continued his dominant season in the 4- Cylinder Thunder Cars, first leading all 20 laps of the makeup feature, then winning the heat race, and then leading all 13 laps of the rainshortened feature. Ott does not race in this class every week, but he has won every event he has entered this year. In the makeup feature Ott was followed by Justin Rasp, Shaun Linn, Robert McQuade and Tony Hampton. Second through fifth in the second feature were Rasp, Chase Shaw, Linn and McQuade.

In the makeup Late Model feature Wes Bonebrake led all 25 laps from the pole-position to take the checkered flag. Randy Burkholder was on Bonebrake’s back bumper the last 15 laps. Both drivers hugging the inside apron through the turns and Burkholder could not make the pass, settling for second. Bob Dunn finished third, ahead of Brad Kling and Danny Snyder.

Ryan Laye started first in the makeup Mini Stock feature and led every lap, easily outdistancing Ronnie Garlock for the win. Dave Friedrich, Nathan Shaw and Gary Dehart completed the top five.

It has been many years since Bill Powell raced at Path Valley, but you wouldn’t have known it in the regular Super Stock feature. Powell started on the pole and used the high groove to keep Adam Yetter behind him all 20 laps, taking the win. Curtis Guyer held off the charging Craig Imes for third with Adam Imes finishing fifth.

Josh Gustaf has been chasing Kenny Singer all year long in the Street Stocks. In the regular feature Gustaf showed Singer what it was like, at least for a little while. Gustaf started fourth, but was out in front before the first lap was over. Singer started fifth, and it took him four laps to move into second. The leaders ran noseto tail until Gustaf slipped high, and Singer made the winning pass on Lap 14 Greg Moore and Boyd Brode raced back and forth with Moore prevailing for third. Steve Harlan returned after missing a few weeks and posted a solid fifth place.

July 13 results

Super Stock (makeup from 6/29): 1. Kenny Hill (Blairs Mills), 2. Adam Imes, 3. Curtis Guyer, 4. Adam Yetter, 5. Devin Hart, 6. Ray Duffy, 7. Austin Johnson, 8. Tony Verno, 9. Shyann Bard.

Street Stock (makeup from 6/29): 1. Kenny Singer ( Robertsdale), 2. Josh Gustaf.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car (makeup from 6/29): Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Shaun Linn, 4. Robert McQuade, 5. Tony Hampton .

Late Model ( makeup from 6/29): 1. Wes Bonebrake ( Hagerstown), 2. Randy Burkholder, 3. Bob Dunn, 4. Brad Kling, 5. Danny Snyder, 6. Tim Fedder, 7. Ken Yoder.

Mini Stock (makeup from 6/ 29): 1. Ryan Laye ( Ft. Loudon), 2. Ronnie Garlock, 3. Dave Friedrich, 4. Nathan Shaw, 5. Gary Dehart, 6. Bill Kennedy, 7. Chris Anderson, 8. Korey Washinger, 9. Shaun Patterson, 10. Tim Williamson, 11. Denny Cramer.

Super Stock: 1. Bill Powell (Millerstown), 2. Adam Yetter, 3. Curtis Guyer, 4. Craig Imes, 5. Adam Imes, 6. Devin Hart, 7. Kenny Hill, 8. Deron Henry, 9. Joe Daywalt, 10. Rich Earhart, 11. Tony Verno, 12. Ray Duffy, 13. Shyann Bard, 14. Austin Johnson, 15. John Goshorn.

Street Stock: 1. Kenny Singer (Robertsdale), 2. Josh Gustaf, 3. Greg Moore, 4. Boyd Brode, 5. Steve Harlan, 6. Taylor Farlling, 7. Phil Boden, 8. Justin Gearhart, 9. Bridge Bookwalter, 10. Dave Brown.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Chase Shaw, 4. Shaun Linn, 5. Robert McQuade.

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