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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Neva Knepper Houck of Waterfall, was taken in 1947 and pictures Neva driving the team of goats with her sister, Doretta Knepper Mellott, as the passenger behind her. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Neva Knepper Houck of Waterfall, was taken in 1947 and pictures Neva driving the team of goats with her sister, Doretta Knepper Mellott, as the passenger behind her. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 16, 1992


Southern Fulton School Board, by a vote of seven to two, approved a motion at its July 7 meeting to accept the resignation of secondary prinicpal Gary C.Wenzel effective August 15.

Workmen changed the signs from Exxon to Citgo on Monday as Cameron Lowry officially took over the proprietorship of the longtime McConnellsburg business located at the intersection of Rts. 16 and 30.

The former Murphy’s Store property in downtown McConnellsburg has been bought by a Little Orleans, Md., couple who will open a “everything for one dollar type” store within the next six weeks. Judy and Kemp Miller, under the corporate name J.B. Miller Associates Discount Fair, bought the store last week for a reported $65,000 from the bankrupt McCrory Corp., which closed the local store January 31, 1992. The local G.C. Murphy Store, which was a venerable downtown institution, first opened its doors at its location on Lincoln Way East in 1949. It was closed here January 31 of this year when the parent company, Mc- Crory Corp, ran into financial trouble and closed 229 stores nationwide.

Miss Tiffany Martz, 16, daughter of Norman and Pat Hoachlander Martz and a student at McConnellsburg High School, was named Miss Pennsylvania American Coed Hostess at the annual state pageant which was held July 4 at the Pittsburgh Hilton and Towers.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gordon of Needmore announce the birth of their second child and son, Seth Forrest, July 7, at Washington County Hospital.

Deaths: Kenneth Brown, 81, Huntingdon; Beatrice Karns, 89, Chambersburg; Viola Smith, 69, Hagerstown.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Brett Burger of Fort Littleton on July 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cohenour of Three Springs on June 28; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Sim Grimes of Everett on June 28.

Lyndora Morris and Jeffrey Seville exchanged wedding vows June 13 at Pleasant Grove Christian Church in Needmore. Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Morris and parents of the groom are Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Seville, all of Big Cove Tannery.

Marriage licenses: George Valentine, Waynesboro, and Wilma Palmer, Warfordsburg; Perry Mellott, Warfordsburg, and Wendy Witchley, Warfordsburg.

30 Years Ago

From The Files of July 22, 1982


A tractor-trailer driver reportedly looking for Interstate 80, crashed into a shed on the Gerald Bivens farm Saturday night. The driver suffered minor contusions and was charged with reckless driving. He turned onto Cito Road from old Route 30, shearing off the street sign and flattening his tires. He continued down Cito Road on the flat tires and then turned onto the Bivens farm. While attempting to turn his rig round he hit the shed.

Close to 2,000 people attended the firstever Needmore parade last Thursday.

Rumor has it that a pair of bald eagles has been spotted nesting at Lake Raystown.

Specials at the IGA: Campbell’s pork and beans, 3 for $1; potatoes, $1.19, 10-lb. bag; tomatoes, 69 cents lb.; ground beef, $1.29 lb.; Chicken of the Sea tuna, 89 cents; Velveeta cheese, $1.69 lb.

Howard Mellott, Forbes Road’s 13-yearold track star, has ranked once again in the TFA/USA Track and Field Association National Meet. He placed sixth in the nation with the javelin. He is the son of Ralph and Doretta Mellott of Hustontown.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Montgomery of Three Springs on July 9; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Shimer of McConnellsburg on July 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hoffman of Mercersburg on July 11; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Duffey of McConnellsburg on July 12; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Melius of Fort Littleton on July 14; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Seihamer of Mt. Union on July 15.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sipes of McConnellsburg have announced the marriage of their daughter, Miss Vickie Sipes, to Michael J. Deshong, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Deshong of McConnellsburg, on May 22.

Deaths: Dr. Jean Johnston, McConnellsburg; Lola R. Mellott, Warfordsburg; Merrill Cook, St. Thomas; George E. Younker, Rochester N.Y.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 3, 1972


The fifth annual Tuscarora Hillclimb will be held on old Route 30 near McConnellsburg on September 16 and 17. The hillcimb is sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association and is sponsored by the Franklin County Sports Car Club and the Fulton County Jaycees.

The McConnellsburg Lions Club has announced that its members will again collect old eyeglasses for people overseas. These glasses will be fitted by qualified optometrists for persons who are unable to purchase their own.

William L. Mosebey Jr. of Wells Tannery recently completed a three-year tour of duty as economic and commercial attache on the staff at the United States Embassy in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. He has now returned home and, with his wife, Carolyn, and their children, Tracy and Geoffrey, is enjoying 60 days of leave.

Plans have been finalized for a Jaffa Caravan parade in McConnellsburg on August 5. The Fulton County Shrine Club has arranged for and will be in charge of the parade.

The Bedford Fair will be held this year from August 7 through August 12.

Miss Carol Ann Mellott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Mellott of Needmore, and Percy Wilbur Rock, were married Saturday, June 17, at the Free Brethren Church near McConnellsburg.

Marine Lance Cpl. Stephen M. Truax, who was involved in an automobile accident while home on weekend leave from Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia, was transferred on Sunday from the Carlisle Army Hospital to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He suffered a broken jaw and possible shoulder fracture in the accident.

A skillet left on a burner on the kitchen stove caused extensive damage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Shimer on South First Street on Saturday.

Deaths: Edna M. Kerlin, Mercersburg; Mrs. Virgel Hann, Needmore; P. Clarence Mellott, McConnellsburg; Harry Hoch, Mercersburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Wright of Breezewood on July 22; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gaisior of McVeytown on July 26; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brown of Burnt Cabins on July 27; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Deshong of Greencastle on July 28.

Wedding vows were exchanged by Melissa Jane Lodge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lodge, and Roger Paul Horton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Horton of Wells Tannery, on July 22.

Mr. and Mrs.Ralph Mellott and sons of Hustontown spent a few days at Niagara Falls and Canada.

Robert House Sr. of Hustontown still remains a patient at Washington County Hospital.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 9, 1962


D.A. Washabaugh III, president of the Fulton Industrial Development

Association, has announced the final approval of a $325,000 low-interest loan from the Small Business Administration, and Mr. Washabaugh has been assured of a loan of $260,000 from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Association to be used for building the New Frederick Tailoring plant in McConnellsburg. Stanley Sagner, president of the company, has requested that an agreement be made ensuring the company that no inducements or offers will be made to solicit other female-employing industries to locate in the community.

William H. Barnhart, 70, Hancock, a Bethel Township resident, was killed almost instantly, and Carl Smith, 43, of Union Township, and his children, Ruth M. Smith, 12, and Roger Lee Smith, 9, were seriously injured in a car accident in Buck Valley caused by foggy weather conditions.

H. Lyle Duffey has been appointed a director of the McConnellsburg Borough School Board to complete the unexpired term of Harry R. Brantner, who has moved to Todd Township. Other board members are D. A. Washabaugh, Kenneth G. Richards, B. Hiley Shimer and Albert G. Diegelman Jr.

A marriage license has been issued to Charlie LeRoy Wible and Zelda McCora Carbaugh, both of McConnellsburg.

Pennsylvania Game Commission has announced bounty payments were paid in Fulton County from June 1961 to June 1962 on 126 gray foxes, 109 red foxes and 10 great horned owls, totalling $990.

Local doctors are expecting a widespread outbreak of Asian flu this winter and immunization shots are advised. The Public Health Service blamed up to 20,000 deaths on Asian flu and its side effects last winter.

A Japanese beetle contest is under way in the county with 60,000 beetles collected to date. The Farm Women Society and the two local banks are sponsoring the contest.

Applications for a postmaster at Needmore are being accepted by the U.S. Civil Service Commission.

John Carbaugh, 79, of Big Cove Tannery and Mrs. Lil Locke, 77, of Shade Gap, both fell on Friday and are patients in Chambersburg Hospital with broken hips.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Terry McKee, Warfordsburg, on August 2; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wible, McConnellsburg, on August 2; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie Mellott, Harrisonville, on August 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bennett, Mercersburg, on August 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Varner, Shippensburg, on August 4; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carlin, Burnt Cabins, on August 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Grissinger, Hustontown, on August 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Doyle, McConnellsburg, on August 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Souders, Warfordsburg, on Aug. 4.

Marlin M. Lynch, Warfordsburg, is serving with the USAF at Chanute AFB, Ill.

The opening of The Wonder Shoppe at 126 Lincoln Way West, a ladies and children’s clothing store, is announced.

Deaths: Mrs. Martha B. Henry, Clear Ridge; Lemual H. Hendershot, Clear Spring, Md., formerly of Warfordsburg; Mrs. Claude Stenger, McConnellsburg; Mary Lou Ramsey, newborn daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ramsey of Hustontown; Frank William Barkman, Coral Gables, Fla., formerly of Crystal Spring.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 7, 1952


After polio tests at Chambersburg

Hospital last Friday proved negative, Larry, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black of McConnellsburg, was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Tuesday for observation.

John Allen Hollenshead, son of Rev. and Mrs. David Hollenshead of Needmore, who received his B.S. degree from Shippensburg this year, is attending Penn State this summer, working towards a master’s degree.

McConnellsburg has a mystery on its hands! Last Thursday, Leslie Harr and Joe Doyle were digging a hole for a septic tank on the Mason property, about 75 feet behind the Mason home, and they discovered two skeletons. Pieces of rotted wood near one skeleton indicate it was interred in a casket, but it is believed the other was not. One puzzling fact is that they were buried in a north-south direction: today, all bodies are interred in an east-west direction. The bones are now being studied by Dr. E.H. MacKinlay and Dr. W.E.B. Hall.

Robert, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Eisman of Waterfall, received concussion, possible skull fracture, lacerations of the head, a puncture wound of the heel, body bruises and moderate shock on Monday evening when he fell from a moving automobile. He is a patient in the Medical Center.

General Douglas MacArthur turned his back on soldiering and politics last Thursday to begin a new career as chairman of Remington-Rand, a $225-million-a-year industrial corporation.

Charles Palmer, 24-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Palmer of Warfordsburg, is a patient in Harrisburg Hospital, suffering from polio. He is the father of two children.

Redith Fix, 10, and Robert Truax, 9, two other polio victims, have retuned home from Harrisburg Hospital.

A former Fulton County man, Cloyd Z. Watkins, 56, was found dead last Tuesday in the yard at his home at Broad Top City. He died of a heart attack.

Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bain of Big Cove Tannery on July 31; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Ford of Wells Tannery on August 4.

The postmaster vacancy in McConnellsburg, temporarily being filled by Robert Raker, will be filled by an open competitive examination.

Eston Paylor and Beulah Bivens were married August 2.

Willis F. Doyle and Lela June Pittman were wed June 4

Deaths: Mrs. Minnie A. Barton Wink of McConnellsburg; Berkeley Sipes of Hustontown; Samuel Robert Wilson of Fort Littleton; David Irvin Winegardner of Hustontown; Foster L. Strait of Manns Choice.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 6, 1942


Mr. and Mrs. Rankin J. Mellott of

Webster Mills have announced the engagement of their daughter, Martha A. Mellott, to Harold Painter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Painter of Philadelphia. The wedding will take place in September.

Death: Mrs. Ross W. Stains of St. Thomas.

Sugar-rationing stamp six and seven are now valid, each worth 2 pounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stadler of Silver Spring, Md., announce the birth of a daughter on Wednesday, July 29.

Due to the metal shortage, Pennsyvlania’s 1942 license tags will be kept good for 1943 by means of a small metal tab attached to the license.

Joseph H. Hess has been elected to fill the vocational-agriculture vacancy in Bethel Township created by the resignation of G.W. Gienger.

Local IOOF members feted Finlay J. Wible at a buffet luncheon at McLaughlin’s Drug Store after the regular meeting last Thursday evening. Finlay left for the Army on Wednesday of this week.

Dean Cooper returned home on Saturday from the Willis Eye Hospital where he had been a patient for 10 days for treatment, and his sister, Thelma, returned home on Monday after undergoing an appendectomy at Chambersburg Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Clem Chesnut moved on Monday to their new home, recently purchased from Sanner Ray.

Recent weddings: Fred Arthur Spancake and Marian Malinda Mellott on July 30; Carl D. Hann and Eunice M. Garland on July 28; Howard L. Sipes and Bonnie Asenath Cutchall on August 1.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 4, 1932


Deaths: Miles L. Hann of Tejunga,

Calif.; David Quinter of Huntingdon; John C. Adams, A Civil War veteran of Hustontown, a direct descendant of John Quincy Adams.

A large barn, with all its contents, was destroyed on what is known as the Chesnut farm in Bethel Township, owned by Willard Litton and tenanted by Theodore Mills. The loss was estimated at $4,000.

Miss Nellie Hays will entertain the village Garden Club at her home here on Friday evening.

Rev. Thomas P. Garland and Mrs. Garland were re-elected as superintendent and matron of the Carversville Christian Orphanage at the annual supper meeting of that institution last Thursday.

A house owned by Henry Miller and tenanted by Roy Schetrompf, Black Oak Ridge, was completely destroyed by fire last week.

The local Odd Girls Club met at Eagle’s Eyrie on Friday.

Tom Sloan, Frank Alexander and Walter Woodal, recent graduates of the local high school, will go to Chambersburg on Friday to take the aptitude test for entrance to Penn State.

More than 100 people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. McCoy Truax of Amaranth last Wednesday evening to honor them at a kitchen shower.

Saturday was a lively day in McConnellsburg when the “Bonus Army” passed through town on its march to Washington.

Russell W. Hurly and R. Leona Gable were wed July 27.

McCoy Truax and Julia Bennett were married July 21.

Leonard Fraker and Iva Leota Kelso were wed July 30.

George Herbert Long and Frances Hammers were married on July 29.

Mr. and Mrs. Clair Decker announce the birth of a daughter on Tuesday.

At Harry Johnston’s: ladies’ silk stockings, 25 cents; men’s and boys’ dress shirts, 49 cents; ladies’ oxfords, $1.98; men’s work shoes, $1.75; ladies’ house dresses, 49 cents; bathing suits, 50 cents.

William McClain has moved from Robertsdale to his farm at Waterfall.

Frank Thomas of New Grenada has leased a mine from the Rockhill Coal and Iron Co. and is preparing to take out coal.

Eggs that had been going all summer at giveaway prices have taken a jump to 16 cents.

Mrs. Harry Bolinger of New Grenada is quite ill. She ate some ice cream at Six Mile Run and got ptomaine poisoning.

Glen Foster’s little 3-year-old daughter of New Grenada severely injured her neck when she fell about 10 feet in her father’s barn last week.

At the A&P: brooms, 19 cents; toilet tissue, 6 for 19 cents; Rinso, 19 cents; sliced pineapple, 10 cents; peas or corn, 4 for 25 cents; pink salmon, 3 for 25 cents.

Paul A. Boyer and Valra E. McIntyre were wed July 28.

Mrs. Bruce Miller of Webster Mills advertise minced cucumbers at 10 cents a dozen.

At the Pen-Mar: flour, 12 pounds for 22 cents; grapenuts, 17 cents; Rice Krispies, 9 cents; motor oil, 2 gallons for $1.

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