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PA Preferred Products And Bakery Ingredients Sample List For Fulton County Fair


Several Pensylvania fairs have been getting questions from baking contest participants concerning the “PA Preferred” ingredient requirement for the chocolate baking contests.

The 2012 Fulton County Fair is set for August 12-18. Hershey will not be involved the baking contest.

The PA Preferred Web site is undergoing construction. It is possible that if someone would go online and search, some products would temporally not register as being PA Preferred at any given time. A hard copy list of all “PA Preferred” potential baking ingredients that are currently available is being compiled. As soon as this final list is available, it will be shared with the local fair contest organizers.

In the meantime, please remember that the contest rules state that “As many PA Preferred products as possible should be used and listed as “PA Preferred” in the recipe.” Fairs should be lenient and not penalize contestants for not having “PA Preferred” labeled products attached or listed, especially since it’s the contests’ first year with the new rule.

Following is a partial list of PA Preferred ingredients that could be used to qualify for your fair’s baking contest. Boots Hetherington (PA Department of Ag) has verified with bureau director Frank Jurbala that these are all valid ingredients.

Daisy Organic Flours (distributed by McGeary Organics): 100 percent organic pastry flour, 100 percent organic all-purpose flour. Visit http://daisyflour.com/buynow/ buy-at-grocers-farmscsa a-deliveries.html for retailers in Berks, Chester, Lancaster, Lebanon and Montgomery counties.

Burnt Cabins Grill Mill LLC (Fulton County): allpurpose flour.

Harrisburg Dairies, sales@harrisburgdairies.com; http://www.harrisburgdairies.com/index.html: cream, milk.

Schneiders’ Dairy (3 distribution locations: Seneca, Pa., and Washington, Pa. Also in State College under the name “Schneider Valley Farms Dairy”): http://schneidersdairy.com/lo cations.htm: cream, milk.

Honey Butter Products Co., http://honeybutterproducts.com/page-2.html: butter. Note: Wegman’s includes honey butter products on its Web shopping list.

Guers Dairy, Pottsville, Pa., distributed to grocery stores and supermarkets in 35- mile radius, http://www.guersdairy.com: cream, milk.

Marburger Dairy (Pittsburgh area), http://marburgerdairy.com/in dex.htm: cream, milk.

Jackson Farms Dairy (New Salem, Pa.): cream, milk.

Galliker’s Dairy (Johnstown, distributes to Pa. and Del.), http://www.gallikers.com/Abo utUs.aspx or info@gallikers.com: cream, milk.

Ritchey’s Dairy, Martinsburg, Pa. Products can be found in most major grocers in Altoona, Martinsburg, Huntingdon, Bedford, Williamsburg, Claysburg, Roaring Spring, Duncansville, Hollidaysburg and Tyrone, http://ritcheysdairy.com/index. htm: cream, milk.

Sauder Eggs, Lititz, Lancaster county, found at Weis Markets, http://saudereggs.com/locate r.html for store locator.

Kreider Eggs, Lancaster County, distributes across Mid-Atlantic, http://kreiderfarms.com/index.php.

Alexander’s honey house, Mifflin County, 717- 363-3590.

BBB Honey & Pollinations, bbbhoney@hotmail.com.

Dutch Gold Honey, Lancaster, retail store: http://www.dutchgoldhoney.com/contact-us.

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