2012-07-05 / Sports

Path Valley Speedway

By Rob Keller

With the 600cc Micro Sprint PA Speedweek show only two days away, the Saturday night racing at Path Valley was used as a final tuneup for many teams.

For the second week in a row Cory Myers is showing he is a contender in the 270cc Micro Sprint division. Last week he led the first 10 laps until his brother, Chad, passed him for the win. This week he held the top spot for another five laps, losing the lead on Lap 16 to Sean McAndrew. McAndrew had been pressuring Myers for several laps, and on Lap 16 Myers entered turn one high, opening the door for McAndrew. The two leaders went through the turn side-byside and made contact exiting turn two, causing Myers to come to a stop. After the restart McAndrew kept Chad Myers a few car lengths back to take the win. Colby Dice beat Levi Peck for third, while Jerry Palm finished fifth.

Jodie Varner took the lead from Matt Williamson on the second circuit of the Mini Stock feature. After a few laps, Varner began to pull away and was leading by nearly a full straightaway when the checkered flag fell. Williamson held on to second, ahead of David Bookwalter, Clymans Brooks and Lyle Barnes.

In last week’s 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature, Raymond Middaugh started first, Justin Rasp second and Rasp beat Middaugh to turn one for the lead that he never relinquished. This week they had the same starting positions, but reversed roles, with Middaugh getting the jump on the start and leading Rasp by only a car length for all 20 laps. The win was the fifth this year for Middaugh. Jacob Carbaugh posted one of his best finishes, coming home third and beating Kyle Martin and Tony Hampton.

Ever since the Sidewinder Sprints “challenged” the 600cc Micro Sprint teams to race with them a year ago, Jim Young has run his 600cc Micro Sprint against the 1000cc-engined Sidewinder Sprints. On Saturday night Young again proved that engine size or horsepower does not always win. Keith Ford was the polesitter and led the way for six laps. Young drove to the inside of Ford through turns three and four to make the winning pass on Lap 7. The race was caution free and Young was leading by almost two seconds at the end of 20 laps. Ben Murphy worked his way up to second, finishing ahead of Jason Stahl, Mike Zielonis and Ford.

June 29 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Chad Myers, 3. Colby Dice, 4. Levi Peck, 5. Jerry Palm, 6. Eric Forsythe, 7. Cory Myers, 8. Brent Bull, 9. Don Roush, 10. Ben Houtz, 11. Dave Hollar, 12. Mike Sherman, 13. Dan Degler, 14. Jason Houtz, 15. Cody Hackenberry.

Mini Stock: 1. Jodie Varner ( Newville), 2. Matt Williamson, 3. David Bookwalter, 4. Clymans Brooks, 5. Lyle Barnes, 6. Tim Williamson, 7. Ronnie Garlock, 8. Chris Anderson DNS: Dylan Wilson.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Raymond Middaugh (Rockhill), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Jacob Carbaugh, 4. Kyle Martin, 5. Tony Hampton, 6. Dalton McQuade.

Sidewinder Sprint: 1. Jim Young (Johnstown), 2. Ben Murphy, 3. Jason Stahl, 4. Mike Zielonis, 5. Keith Ford, 6. Zach Overmiller, 7. Seth Kearchner, 8. Brandon Yarlett, 9. Mike Murphy, 10. Donnie Hendershot.

Coming up next weekend: Friday, July 6: no racing.

Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8: go-karts

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