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In Praise Of Warfordsburg Senior Center

To The Editor:

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I purchased our piece of heaven in Needmore, Pennsylvania. After I retired in 2003, we moved from Virginia into our home along with my mother, who had been living with us. Because I wanted my mother to have more activity than watching TV all day, I discovered the Warfordsburg Senior Center.

Never would I have known how it would affect all of our lives. It was a great start to meet people in the area. After a few months, my husband gave it a try and came to the center with us. He actually started to help serve the meals to folks and wash dishes after lunch. I didn’t think he knew how to wash dishes! We are so lucky to have chosen this area to retire and live. Bob and I have been going faithfully to the center for the past 9 years. My mom loved the center, but she passed away in 2006.

I don’t understand why so many people in this area that are 60 and older don’t come and enjoy this lovely and active center. We have formed so many friendships; traveled so many places to see this beautiful state; and traveled to other centers to participate with them in so many activities. For the past four years, wii bowling has kept us in a competitive spirit, especially with other centers. The center has a unique manager, Cindy Rinker, who really cares about the center and the participants. She goes beyond her daily tasks to ensure everyone is doing something they enjoy. She is constantly looking for more ideas on what to do to make the center better and new activities for us. She takes her work home and actually takes her husband on short trips on the weekend to check places to visit to see what they are like. The trips Cindy plans are free except for the cost of your meals and if it’s a shopping trip, the cost of your purchases.

We do give a dollar donation to the driver to cover his/her expense for picking up and returning the van. On these trips, we can go anywhere in our three counties – Fulton, Bedford, Huntingdon and any county that borders those counties. Last year we did 45 trips. She is currently looking for someone that would teach us some dances (line dancing, Zumba, etc.). There is a club that supports the center. The club does fundraising to make money to purchase things for the center such as a big screen TV, the wii, etc. It also pays for the meat for the social that is held the last Friday of the month for anyone 60 and older to bring a covered dish and come in.

Our biggest and best fundraiser is “Open Mic Night.” It is my favorite activity. It consists of food, music and laughter. It’s a great place to meet friends on a Saturday evening. Attending the center is the best thing that happened to us in our retirement. We feel since we are retired, it is time to give back to the community, and our community is the Warfordsburg Senior Center. We are having a ball!!

Virginia McDonald, Needmore

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