2012-07-05 / Family

Swope Family Holds Family Reunion

The descendants of the late Andrew and Iola Swope held their 54th family reunion June 24, 2012n at Needmore Boy Scout grounds.

Rev. WilliamSwope called the family togethern and Rev. Willis had prayer. The two living daughters were not able to attend. Those who signed the book were:

Kim and Bonnie Miller, Betty and Donald Swope, Brenda and Shane Betz, Donald and Joan Snyder, Ronnie and Iola Zeger, Cloyd and Ruth Swope, Debbie DeShong, Samantha, Michael, Ethan and Annabelle Sowers, Rhonda Lynch, Josh, Karla, Jonathan and Kaden Shadle, Bill, Arletta and Matthew Swope Jr., Willis and Barb Swope, Helen Golden, Brady Golden, Sue Swope, Kermit and Shelia Swope, Mildred Swope, Jim, Charlene and Erin Post, Ralph and Peg Swope, Tom and Marleen Golden, Jennifer, Logan, Kylie and Hayden Garland, Paul, Janna and Thomas Swope, Audrey Double, Keisha and Faith Hamman, George Kurtz, Kevin Lynch, David and Evelyn Clouch, Leon and Patty Mellott, Faye Leese, Kay and Rachel Bradshaw, Tom and Betty Mellott, Heather Swope Rock, Stephanie Swope, Brie, Kylor, Josh Morningstar, Bobby and Cindy, Jessie and Nicki Amleine, Jerry Burmeister, Caidin Amleine, Shylah, Christian, Aaron, Jessie and Tiffany Swope, Joyce Lynch, Rebecca Lynch, Jaya Rideout and Pauline Lynch.

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