2012-07-05 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Vickie Vance and Deb Glass, July 5; Jeff Pepple, Dot Kelly and Evelyn Gobin, July 6; Betty Everts and Rose Bivens, July 7; Hanna McGarvey, 14 on July 9; Robert Strait, July 8; Selena Strait, 20 on July 11; Sharon Deshong, July 5; Brady Seiders, July 7; Zac Sherman, July 12; Fred Lynch and Earl Carbaugh, July 12; Edith Seville, July 8; Paul “Pinky” McCullough, 77 on June 23; Jack Deshong, 81 on July 10; Pat Weaver, July 6; and Ella Dawn Johnston, 7 on July 7.

Junior “Lloyd” and Hannelore Hann will observe their 22nd wedding anniversary on July 7.

Logan and Amanda Cunningham will observe their first wedding anniversary on July 9.

McConnellsburg Library held teen night on Friday with all kinds of activities, movie and music.

Dick Miller is home recuperating after having heart surgery in Chambersburg Hospital last week. Dick and Esther’s daughter, Lana of New Cumberland, visited with them Saturday.

An outdoor birthday party was held for Christopher Waite’s 26th birthday on July 2 at Hustontown. Family members and friends, along with his fiancee, Ricki Gelvin, attended. He is the son of Duane and Lynn Waite and has an older brother, Stephen.

Our area, along with several states, has had temperatures over 95 degrees for several days. Temperatures in some states hit 100 de- grees and over.

Cito United Methodist Church held its Vacation Bible School last week.

Jimmy and Paula Hawbaker and families of California spent a week recently with their father, Jim, and Eunice Hawbker.

Quotable Quotes: The truth needs little rehearsal!

It Happened This Week: Hershey’s Kisses were introduced in 1907. Today street lamps in Hershey are shaped like kisses.

Country Shortcuts: Fill plastic soda bottles threequarters full with water and pop them in freezer. These ice blocks won’t get your cooler wet when they melt.

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